Sometimes the simple solution is the one to go for if your needs are simple. This applies to home security, too. According to, some things to consider are:

If you’re not ready for a dedicated security system, there are plenty of individual devices available that let you monitor your home from anywhere using your phone or tablet, including indoor and outdoor security cameras, video doorbells, and smart locks.

Everyone deserves to feel safe. For those people who are of a DIY bent, there are ways to create your own security system. There are basically three different styles of operations that you can use to create your system: freebie software that you download onto your personal device, off-the-shelf cameras, or a complete DIY rigging for security.


Simple DIY Home Security Ideas

  • Repurpose: This idea comes courtesy of If you merely want to monitor one or two rooms, use an old phone or tablet to keep an eye on things. To get a good angle, you might want to set up a custom mount and make sure to place it where it can reach a power source and connect to your Wi-Fi network so that you don’t lose your network coverage or always need to recharge the battery. Remove superfluous apps to free up space. Then install a free program such as Manything or Presence that can transmit a live video feed to the web. For a paid upgrade, store recordings from multiple devices to the cloud.
  • Skye It: Try employing Skype in an innovative way. Use a separate dedicated Skype account, configuring it to answer incoming video calls automatically. You can call your dedicated Skype account and check into what is happening.
  • A Security Camera: Install an out-of-the-box security camera. They come with a range of options such as a built-in speaker and microphone, night vision capabilities, and motion alerts. You can get some cams that are created for outdoor as well as indoor use. If you want to store information in the cloud or to receive advanced alerts you can opt in for a monthly subscription fee.
  • Make It Your Way: For those who like to do things their own way, it is definitely possible to create your own home surveillance system. Consider employing a Raspberry Pi, which is a mini computer, as the control and brains of your setup. Then use the official camera module and score a free app, such as MotionEye. Then the DIY fun begins. Configure your set up to meet your needs. You can find online tutorials to help with the setup. You can save some money this way and get the satisfaction of saying, “I made this myself!”

Get the Home Security System that You Need

Discern what your security needs are. Sit down and think about what your security system is worth to you, and what it is that you are hoping to protect. Consider your environment, whether urban, suburban, or rural. Think about the size of your abode and the area around it. Evaluate your family’s patterns of habitation and the amount of time that the house is unguarded, perhaps with vulnerable individuals inside. These are some of the factors that will affect your security system needs. When you’ve decided on your basic criteria, decide if you are a DIY individual or a plug and play type of person.


The Best of Both Worlds

There are now a wide variety of security systems that will allow you to instill the security system yourself while having the safety and convenience of a monitored home security system. The difference between a monitored and unmonitored system is that a monitored system will alert first responders if the sensors are triggered, and an unmonitored system may just sound an alarm as a crime deterrent. Protect America offers a monitored security system and offers both DIY and professional installation so that everyone has the price point, comfort level, and ease that they want and deserve.

A nine-time “Consumers Digest” Best Buy winner, Protect America offers an affordable home security system for as low as $30 a month, plus up to $1,400 in free equipment. There are no installation fees, and the 36-month agreement comes with a locked-in rate and a price match guarantee.