New year, new look. Simplisafe, one of the most reputable modern home security startups in the past decade, just announced a complete redesign of their current product line and the new addition of video doorbells, outdoor cameras, and smart locks. They’ve reduced the sizes of their control panels and sensors, with their website even dubbing them as “practically invisible”. Simplisafe’s new equipment is sleek and sophisticated, especially the new base sensor, offering full functionality combined with beautiful design. Arguably more important than the physical design, Simplisafe’s sensors now boast double the range they previously offered, but the way Simplisafe’s hardware blends seamlessly into homes while simultaneously being very apparent to possible intruders is one of the most interesting goals of the redesign.


Details of Simplisafe’s new doorbell, cameras, and smart locks are still being gathered, but the company promises 1080p resolution, motion detection, and two-way talk. Their sensors are also pet-friendly, meaning your pup won’t trigger the alarm late at night by roaming around; human heat signals are distinguishable from those of your pet’s, and Simplisafe’s sensors claim to be able to tell the difference.

What to Look For

New tech stats of the base station include upgraded firmware and a faster processing speed. In addition, even if the station itself was to be tampered with by a intruder or even smashed, a signal would still be sent out to authorities. If you’re looking to expand your Smart Home, check back in with Simplisafe in a bit: Amazon’s Alexa technology will soon be available with Simplisafe’s equipment, but no set date has been announced.

The price for Simplisafe’s basic equipment starts at $299 for a kit, and additional products and sensors hike up the price to $539. While this isn’t the cheapest of options, Simplisafe’s kits definitely offer aesthetically pleasing and reliable starting points on building your personalized home security plan. On the other hand, Simplisafe’s 24/7 monitoring fees will continue to be $15 per month, which is fairly reasonable.


The Verdict

Simplisafe’s new offerings seem well-thought out and reliable, but as there is little information on the new video doorbell, smart locks, and outdoor cameras, they still have to worry about other competitors who have offered these options for awhile. We’ll be waiting to see how their new products shape up in the future, but the redesign of their existing line is definitely refreshing and thoughtful.