SimpliSafe provides basic security systems based around wireless technology. It’s a DIY system, meaning you install it yourself. In addition to being able to install it yourself, the devices are all pre-programmed to work together when you receive them. The equipment sold by SimpliSafe has been reported by many as “cheap” and feeble with persistent problems regarding wireless performance. With about 2 million burglaries reported in the United States every year, shouldn’t you choose a security company that you can fully trust?


Smile, you’re not on camera

Currently SimpliSafe does not offer security cameras as a part of any of their packages, nor is there an option to add one through a third party. Having a security camera can add a higher level of security for safeguarding your home. High-resolution footage and sound recordings let you capture everything that happens on your property. With video evidence, you are able to build a solid support for insurance claims in the event of a burglary or vandalism. Often the mere presence of security camera is enough to stop a vandal or burglar in their tracks. Consider choosing a home security company that has all of the options you want, such as Protect America. Protect America offers both DIY and professional installation as well as the option for video surveillance and more.

What’s missing?

The SimpliSafe packages also lack glass break sensors, keypads, CO sensors, and water sensors. Additionally, SimpliSafe lacks more than just a couple key components:

  1. SimpliSafe is not Z-wave compatible
  2. It has no option for connecting to other home automation devices.
  3. You can’t run SimpliSafe with other wireless or home protection systems.
  4. You can’t schedule your arming i.e. “arm at 8pm” or “disarm at 8am”.
  5. The keypad you can order additionally does not tell you which sensor is receiving a warning
  6. The alarm on the base station is only 85 decibels loud, about as loud as a blender
  7. No cameras

Real Reviews by Homeowners like you

There are an appalling amount of unsatisfied customer reviews on the Internet. This recent review stated:

The last time I had a serious police event at my house, I knew about 45 minutes before I got a TEXT MESSAGE about the incident.

Another person said this:

This is a great solution for landlords, as it gives tenants a false sense of security for a REALLY low price. Besides that, if you want to get home security for your own protection, avoid this place.

One more customer wrote this review earlier this year,

Very disappointing. I do not feel safe with this system. They do not have tech support after hours and if the system is not connected to the dispatch, like we experienced yesterday, then you need to wait for the next day to report and get it fixed. When I go to sleep, I need to know that there is someone there to help me when I need them.


While SimpliSafe seems to be affordable with base package monitoring at about $15 a month, they have upfront equipment costs of $229-$539. Once you purchase this equipment and eventually decide to go with a different monitoring company, you’re stuck with it forever. In essence, if you want an affordable, customizable security system with integrated cameras and home automation – there are many other alternatives to appropriately fit your needs. Protect America offers monthly monitoring for as low at $19.99 a month and comes with free equipment that can be used with almost any service provider in the future.