Have you been trying to decide what kind of home security system to add to your property so you will be better able to protect your family and possessions? With so many companies to choose from, it can be a daunting prospect. SimpliSafe is one of the most popular self-install companies available, thanks in part to its easy accessibility. Most homeowners can find their products on the shelves at their favorite electronic store. But before you buy, let’s check some basic FAQs, including SimpliSafe prices, so you can make the best decision possible.

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First: The Equipment

If you are trying to get started for the lowest possible price, you’ll be looking at their Foundation Package. SimpliSafe’s price for this package will run for about $230.  This wireless security system includes:

  • A Base Station
  • A Door Sensor
  • A Motion Sensor
  • A Wireless Keypad

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    Of course, if you want to jump in whole hog, don’t worry as they offer their Haven package. SimpliSafe’s price for this package will runs for $489 and includes:

    • A Base Station
    • 1 Freeze Sensor
    • 4 Entry (Door/Window) Sensors
    • 1 Water Sensor
    • 2 Motion Sensors
    • 1 Keypad
    • 2 Remotes
    • 1 Panic Button
    • Extra Siren
    • 1 Smoke Detector

    You can always personalize your system and purchase additional sensors ala carte, but their packages get you up and running in just an hour or two. The SimpliSafe alarm that sounds from the base station is not as loud as it could be so it’s always recommended to add additional SimpliSafe auxiliary alarms in areas far away from the base station.

    Second: Monthly Monitoring Fee

    If you are going to monitor your home by yourself, SimpliSafe prices does not require a monthly fee to keep their equipment functioning within the confines of your house.  However, if nobody is home your unattended SimpliSafe system isn’t going to call the cops when a burglar breaks in.

    Their basic monitoring service starts at just $14.99 per month, but if you want to use your smartphone to access the system remotely, you will have to up the payment by $10/mo.  The more gadgets you add to your system, the higher the fee will climb.

    What SimpliSafe Doesn’t Do

    If you wanted to add a CCTV and video recorder to your home security system, SimpliSafe alarm system is not going to be able to help you. You might end up installing a second system, with more monitoring fees to accomplish all the protection you want.  Another drawback is that while they offer phone support to help you set up your system, nobody is going to come install it for you and verify its function before those monthly monitoring fees begin.

    Other drawbacks to protecting your home with SimpliSafe include:

    No Z-Wave or Zigbee Compatibility

    That’s right, SimpliSafe’s line of home security products can’t integrate with a Z-Wave or Zigbee network. So why should you care? Because this will make it extremely difficult for you to integrate your smart home devices with your security equipment.

    For example, many homeowners rely on Z-Wave or Zigbee to quickly lock their homes or receive important alerts when a sensor is activated. Others might use the network for the sake of having a smart schedule. This schedule will know when you’re away from home and can turn on and off important devices, like a lamp or smart thermostat. Not having this integration hampers your overall level of security.

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    No Outdoor Camera

    If exterior protection is important to you, then SimpliSafe might not be the solution for your home. The self-install home security provider doesn’t offer an outdoor camera.

    An outdoor camera is deemed essential to many homeowners. Why? Because it’s a great way to scare away burglars, monitor the front or backyard and keep track of outdoor valuables–likes your car.

    Limited Equipment Compatibility

    In some cases, home security companies can still provide monitoring services on equipment that isn’t their own. SimpliSafe is not one of these companies. This reduces the equipment’s value if you decide to cancel and switch to another security provider.

    Extra Fees

    SimpliSafe makes their customers pay extra to receive their “Smart Alerts”. These are important email or text notifications that let you know there is suspicious activity or an alarm sounding.

    There is no doubt that SimpliSafe appears to offer one of the most economical do-it-yourself systems on the market, but they can’t deliver all the equipment and services that a more experienced company like Protect America can.  Before deciding to pull the trigger and purchase that box of sensors, remotes, and keypads, make sure that you are getting all the extras you really want.

    Protect America takes the time to discuss your specific needs and situation with you before deciding which pieces of equipment are best, which can end up saving you money in the long run as you won’t be upgrading your basic system that looked like a great deal at the time.