Looking at online reviews from both experts and consumers is a great way to help narrow down your home or business security solutions. If you’re considering SimpliSafe, a look at the reviews lets you understand what the pros and cons really are and whether this solution is right for your property.


What Are Experts Saying About SimpliSafe?

Tech writers and editors tend to rate SimpliSafe at four or five stars and consider it a good value for the outlay. SimpliSafe gets a 4.5 star editor rating from CNET with an 8.7 (out of 10) overall score. The takeaways from CNETs reviews seem to be that SimpliSafe might not look like much, but it has enough features to function well and you can opt for live monitoring and cell backup if desired. CNET hasn’t conducted a 2018 review of SimpliSafe, so some of the disadvantages it notes have since been mitigated by the company. Another thing to note is that SimpliSafe monitoring works differently than professional monitored security services. Although it is an effective monitoring service, the monthly payment doesn’t go toward paying off any equipment fees and you might end up paying a lot more for your equipment.

PC Magazine gave SimpliSafe a 4 out of 5 star review in mid 2017. Like CNET, PC Magazine had originally considered the lack of security cameras with SimpliSafe to be a problem, but notes that newer models do include this capability. The ability to customize product packages was also a plus for this reviewer.

PC magazine called Simplisafe an affordable, versatile and easy-to-use DIY solution.

What Are Customers Saying About SimpliSafe?

Here are a few things real customers are saying about SimpliSafe.

  • No annual contract makes this an attractive option and leaves control of future security with the home or business owner.
  • The three year warranty offered by SimpliSafe provides added peace of mind, and a 60-day money back guarantee is letting some people try the service without worry.
  • Wireless equipment makes it easier to install and is a good choice if you can’t add wired hardware to your leased or rented property.
  • Monitoring is inexpensive when compared to some other options.


SimpliSafe Customer Service Complaints

It’s not all great news from real consumers, though that’s true of any security company. No company can please 100 percent of the people 100 percent of the time, and when you’re researching product reviews online, you should always keep that in mind. When it comes to SimpliSafe, the biggest issue consumers seem to have is with the customer service, which appears to be outsourced to a third-party. What that means is that SimpliSafe can still be a great option, but it might not be the best option for someone who doesn’t want to get too involved with installation and set up. SimpliSafe is less expensive than other products and services in part because there are some DIY elements involved.

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