SimpliSafe, a Boston-based home security provider, launched their first DIY security products nearly a decade ago in 2009. Their home-security-in-a-box product line was one of the first of its kind and turned a lot of heads in the days before AI-driven personal assistants. One of the primary reasons for SimpliSafe’s early popularity was the fact that the average homeowner could install the equipment (door sensors, glass-break microphones and motion detectors) without the need to install new wiring or even schedule an appointment with an onsite salesperson.

Jumping back to present day 2018, SimpliSafe is anything but unique. The DIY home security market has become rather crowded in recent years and the industry as a whole is well on its way to becoming saturated with similar products and services. Some of the major players include the Dropcam/Nest duo, Canary and digital lock makers such as August. These are just a few of the companies present in the DIY home security sphere today and there are more competitors entering the space at an alarming rate. The recent multi-company mad dash into the DIY home security sector has led to an install time close to the time it takes to open a cardboard box.

SimpliSafe has made a great effort to keep pace with the onslaught of new comers and recently made it known to the public that their entire product line is due for a refresh and upgrade. The new devices are more appealing to the eye, offer a more seamless experience in terms of regular use and are just as easy to install as the original product line back in 2009. In addition to the decade old product line from 2009, SimpliSafe has added a camera option and a series of new sensors to their equipment roster, which allows homeowners to keep tabs on their properties via visual and audio means.

Starter packages range from $489 for the premium “Haven” package and work their way down to the “Essentials” base package at $229. The entry level package at $229 includes 1 entry sensor for the main door, 1 motion sensor for interior monitoring, 1 base station unit and 1 keypad. Additional entry sensors and motion sensors cost $15 and $30 respectively, while optional add-ons such as the SimpliCam ($99), Glassbreak sensor ($35), and Key Fobs ($25) are available to provide additional layers of security and well-being. The hardware is the first half of the DIY home security equation. The remaining portion of the equation consists of the monitoring plan, which will cost either $14 or $24 per month.

The defining feature of the entire SimpliSafe system is the simplicity behind the installation process.

If you’re only monitoring the first floor of your home, the entire process can take as little as five minutes for the array of devices to connect with each other, pair them, and place them as you see fit.