Perhaps you heard that home owners’ insurance rates lower when you install a home security system. Maybe you just want a safer home. Take the time to consider all your options. This blog looks at the systems offered by SimpliSafe Security System.


SimpliSafe does try to keep it simple. It provides a low-cost, basic system with monitoring. It doesn’t hide charges or require contracts. Its monitoring prices vary:

  • self-monitored costs nothing,
  • basic costs $14.99 per month,
  • top tier plan costs $24.99 per month.

It offers more than burglary monitoring. It also provides hazards monitoring including carbon monoxide poisoning, fire/smoke, flood, freeze. The consumer does need the appropriate equipment for carbon monoxide detection.

The firm provides a 60-day full refund. SimpliSafe also pays the return postage.

The equipment carries a 3-year equipment warranty. The warranty provides repair as a first option, replacement if it cannot be repaired.

It’s a portable system. This falls under both pro and con. As a pro, the consumer can move the whole security system if they move to another home. They simply pick up the wireless pieces and transfer them to the new locations after informing the monitoring firm of the new address.

ts wireless design also provides cell phone alerts. The consumer can check their home via the app anytime if they subscribe to the higher monitoring tier.



The monitoring it provides uses 100 percent cellular/wireless technology. This leaves the consumer’s system open to jamming devices that a thief can use to disarm the system from up to ten feet away.

The company makes up for the lack of contracts by requiring equipment purchase. A basic system costs $229. Its largest package costs $539.85.

Although installation is free, it is also unassisted do-it-yourself (DIY). Some firms that provide DIY, walk the consumer through installation via phone. SimpliSafe doesn’t.

It’s a portable system. This falls under both pro and con. As a con, it isn’t hard-wired into your home which means your system can get jammed or disabled remotely. Traditional security systems use hidden wires in the interior of the walls and flooring connected to a landline with a secondary (secret) landline and a wireless backup.

SimpliSafe has no smash and crash protection so if a burglar smashes the base station before the alarm sounds, the alarm won’t trigger. That means neither the monitoring service nor the police get alerted.

The company also offers no home automation. Many wireless systems offer this, but SimpliSafe provides the basics. The consumer still needs a separate home automation system.

The firm doesn’t provide or support outdoor cameras. It does have an interior camera that can pick up some outdoor activity.

SimpliSafe has no smash and crash protection so if a burglar smashes the base station before the alarm sounds, the alarm won’t trigger.


How Protect America Helps

Protect America, a monitored home security company, offers zero installation fees, locked-in rates and a price-match guarantee. Consumers can get started for only $30 per month with a 36-month contract. That provides 24-hour, 7 days a week, professionally monitored home security. Consumers Digest named Protect America a “Best Buy” nine times for its equipment and service.

Established in 1992, Protect America offers nationwide service. It’s the 14th largest residential home security company in the US. Protect America makes a continuing firm commitment to protecting homes and families through monitored home security. It provides a direct-to-consumer service, sending individuals, businesses and families their home security systems and guiding them through the do-it-yourself installation procedure. The consumer receives up to $1,400 in free equipment. The company offers a Price Match Guarantee. If the consumer can find a better deal, Protect America matches it.

Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America by phone or online. Protect America can help monitor standalone devices already installed, too. Monitoring provides an important aspect since it ensures someone always looks at the feed. If someone does approach the home, even with a jamming device, they’re seen and reported. That keeps you and your family safer.