SimpliSafe is a home security company that equips homes and professionally monitors them. They have 5 security systems to choose from, or you can piece together items sold separately, such as entryway sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, the SimpliCam video camera, panic buttons, smoke detectors and high-decibel home sirens. SimpliSafe’s home monitoring starts at just $14.99/month. SimpliSafe’s award-winning emergency monitoring, wireless setup and easy installation makes it appealing, but the lack of home automation capabilities is a drawback for many customers.


Easy DIY Installation

Installation is do-it-yourself, which eliminates any installation fees. Setup doesn’t involve tools and is said to take less than an hour.

Wireless System

SimpliSafe’s home security system is wireless, which means it’s not only easier to install, but also easier to relocate if you want to move your system to a new home. Another advantage of wireless equipment is that it ensures burglars or other intruders can’t just cut your phone line to disable your home alarm. However, it does depend on your WiFi, which means you want to have an encrypted, password-protected connection. Wireless equipment also means you get remote access to your system through mobile devices.

Mobile Alerts and Remote Access

While the entry level package doesn’t include mobile alerts, if you want to go a step above SimpliSafe’s basic package, you can get mobile alerts by text and email that tell you when your home’s alarm has gone off. The next level up is SimpliSafe’s “Interactive” monitoring plan, which not only alerts you, but also gives you remote access to control your home security system no matter where you are. Via SimpliSafe’s mobile app, which you can download on any device through the app store, you’re able to arm and disarm your system, view temperatures in your home and be alerted when specific sensors go off.

Equipment: What You Get

When you purchase a SimpliSafe security system, you get your control panel, which communicates with all the other parts of your system to signal the alarm when there’s an entry breach. This is where you arm and disarm your system. However, you can also use a keychain remote control to arm and disarm your system and hit a panic button to alert the company of an emergency.

Systems also come with SimpliCam indoor video cameras, which have night vision and a 120 degree view angle. They’re triggered to record video when they detect motion, and video clips are available for you to view online.

The door and window sensors that come with SimpliSafe systems adhere to doors and windows, and can be removed and replaced if needed. You can set these sensors to produce an audible or silent alert when triggered. In addition to door and window sensors, you also get a:

  • Glass break sensor
  • Carbon monoxide detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Water leak detector
  • Water freeze detector

Glass break sensors are a huge advantage in this system. While many home security systems only give you door and window sensors, glass break sensors give you more security.

According to Protect America, when it comes to glass break sensors,

“Detection actually occurs when your home is broken into, and because windows are often broken, the entry is more likely to be caught. Because glass has a very distinct sound, it is more likely to catch glass breaking and less likely to catch a false positive.”

Glass break alerts may also quicken the response from local authorities.

The environmental protection sensors are also a boon, because they can prevent or reduce environmental damages in the home while you’re away by alerting you of an emergency that you otherwise wouldn’t know about.


Award-Winning Professional Monitoring

SimpliSafe has optional professional monitoring you can pay for on a monthly basis. When any of your sensors is triggered while the system is armed, the company will be notified to respond, whether it’s intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide leak and environmental disasters like flooding. SimpliSafe’s monitoring is provided by C.O.P.S. Monitoring— a company that has received awards for its services. Dispatching happens at record speed, as the company uses multiple stations and signal carriers.

Protect America: Fully Monitored Home Security

Protect America gives you 24/7 professionally monitored home security with locked-in rates for as little as $30 a month. You get up to $1,400 worth of free equipment with zero installation fees! If you find a better deal, we’ll even match it. To learn more about our monitored home security packages and see if they’re right for your home, get a free quote from Protect America.