When it comes to having the best home security company backing a homeowner and protecting them, there’s a lot to think about. They will want to do their research, so they can find the right company. Among the best ways to do that research is to compare one company to another one, so they can rule one out and then move on with other comparisons. By doing that, there’s a better chance of finding the right company for their needs and feeling good about the choice they made. Here’s what to know about two main companies — Simplisafe and Moni.


What You Get With Simplisafe

With Simplisafe, homeowners get a home security system that claims to be award winning and easy to use. One of the benefits of this system is that there are no long-term contracts required. The length of the contract period is one of the chief complaints people have with other security companies, so this is a point in Simplisafe’s favor because you wont find any Simplisafe complaints about their contract when they don’t have a contract. They also offer:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • A lower price than many other companies
  • HD video options
  • Easy set-up
  • Protection that’s pet-friendly
  • Control options from a smartphone

Having that level of control and that number of options helps consumers use this company’s monitoring more easily than they can with some of the other choices available to them.

What Moni Security Can Provide

One company to consider is Moni. It offers monitoring that works with smart thermostats like Nest. It also has a smartphone app so homeowners can control locks, lights, and much more. Additionally, homeowners who use Moni can get:

  • professional installation
  • a system that offers plenty of value
  • service after the sale
  • a package and plan that is comprehensive

But like Simplisafe, people are not always happy with Moni and what they get from the company. According to reviews on the Consumer Affairs site, Moni has complaints mostly based on issues with contracts. These include high fees, and not being allowed to cancel a contract with little to no hassle. In some cases, Moni users have said it has taken them months to get a contract canceled. Naturally, that’s a concern for any homeowner who may want to make a change to their security services.


Ready to Choose a New Security Company?

Selecting a high-quality security company is very important to any homeowner who has either left their old company or who is looking for protection for the first time. But to find the right security company, a consumer needs one that meets their specific needs.

Any security company a homeowner selects should be one that can handle what that homeowner actually wants, not what another consumer may be looking for.

When people choose companies that are right for them and their monitored security needs, there is a far higher chance of satisfaction with what they have in both the short and the long term. Simplisafe and Moni may not be the right choices for some people, and another company could be a far better option to consider.

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