Home security cameras have proven pretty effective at preventing home burglary. According to a study by Electronic Security Association, 60% of thieves would avoid breaking into a home with security cameras in place. Looking for security cameras to protect your home and family? Small home security cams come in different models, brands and features which makes it tough to make a decision. What are your best options?

Factors to Consider When Buy a Home Security Cam

The View

Picture quality is a primary factor to consider. Your camera should have a high resolution not less than 1080p. It should offer clear pictures with low distortions.


Modern cams are wireless, and they connect through WiFi. But make sure it can also use a cellular network to avoid inconvenience in the event of a signal loss.


In this digital era of home automation and security, you want a home security camera capable of integrating with the other smart home technologies. Some cams come as standalone units.



While some cameras offer microSD card and USB thumb drive for data storage, others have cloud storage which prevents the possibility of data loss.

Power Source

Go for the cam that uses the traditional power cord but also offers battery backup for when there’s a power outage.

Night Vision

Most home security cameras today have this property as a standard feature. Check that your model offers night vision before purchasing.


Your camera should include a motion detection capability so you can receive alerts on your device wherever you’re.

Best Small Home Security Cameras for 2018

Nest Cam Indoor

Nest Labs is among the giants in the manufacture of home security systems. Nest Cam Indoor has been engineered to integrate with Google’s smart home devices.

The cam offers a 24/7 live feed, a two-way talk, motion & sound detectors and night vision. And if you subscribe for Nest Aware, you’ll receive push notifications whenever the cam detects motion or sound.

Amazon Cloud Cam

This is yet another quality and affordable home security cam. It comes with a couple of impressive features which makes it an excellent option for homeowners.

Amazon Cloud Cam has a remarkable 24/7 live feed, motion detection capabilities and a two-way talk that allows you to watch & communicate with the person at the door or small kiddos at home. Also, the camera has night vision and offers intelligent alert.

Besides, the camera allows you to integrate the Alexa voice assistant which makes it possible to interact with it. If you mount the cam on the ceiling, you can easily control and turn the cam 180 degrees so you can monitor the entire room.

Lighthouse AI Smart Security Home Camera

Despite being slightly new, we believe Lighthouse AI Home Security Cam is on track to set the bar. The smart cam has been designed with face recognition capabilities and can tell between a person and a pet. It’ll learn the routines of a typical day, which lowers the possibility of false alerts.

Lighthouse cam also has voice command capabilities which allow you to ask the camera questions and feed commands without the trouble of scrolling. Are the children home from school? The cam will tell you.

Other features of the cam include 1080p resolution, night vision, two-way-audio live streaming, custom alerts, etc.


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