Getting into the smart home industry doesn’t have to be complicated. Now days, you can’t throw a stick in the woods without hitting at least some type of smart home kit, but that wasn’t always the case. Back when the smart home craze was just getting started, Samsung was really the only company to capitalize on this pre-packed smart home niche. In fact, one of the reasons that Samsung SmartThings has grown so much in popularity is because of how simple their starter kits are to get started with.

Implementing smart home features into your home can be a little tricky, that’s probably what makes these kits so successful. They help you take your first steps into smart tech without being overwhelmed with a bunch of different options. The key here is to find the starter kit that is most in line with your goals.


There are actually quite a few different types of smart home starter kits to choose from. You have your appliance focused kits that come with smart wall outlets, your home security focused kits, your thermostat oriented kits with temperature sensors, you smart lighting kits, your smart home camera kits that have other automation features and some that have a little bit of everything.

1) Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit

As we mentioned earlier, the Samsung SmartThings kits were a game changer. There really isn’t a brand in the smart home industry and reputable as Samsung at the moment. So what does this kit come with?

  • SmartThings hub
  • SmartThings smart outlet
  • SmartThings smart motion sensor
  • And two SmartThings multipurpose magnetic sensors

We love this kit the most because it has the most potential for experimentation to get a better understanding of the potation for automation and IFTTT techniques. For example you could use the multipurpose magnetic sensors to detect when the front door is opened and use that detection event to trigger an outlet in the living room connected to your entertainment center. Than whenever you come home from work you can have your TV and such come one automatically. A lot of people will use their automation to play with lighting and save on the electric bill by having the lights only on when someone is home.

2) Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat Bundle

Smart thermostats are one of the best ways to save energy using smart technology. As you can imagine, having your air conditioning only run when someone is actually home makes a pretty big impact. The eccobee3 bundle takes it a step farther by adding additional wireless sensors that can be placed in other rooms. The bundle comes with:

  • Ecboo3 Smart Thermostat
  • Two remote sensors

The main advantage to having remote sensors is having a more consistent temperature inside throughout the changes in temperature outside. One of the reasons it gets hotter or colder in the house even though the thermostat temperature hasn’t changed is that the sun will warm up different rooms of the house while the room with the thermostat and therefor the thermometer that controls it stays the same. That causes the airflow through the house to heat the air disproportionately. So it’s probably a good idea to put the sensors in areas of the house that have the most impact from the sun.

3) Arlo Security Camera Kit

Cameras are becoming a huge part of the whole smart home arena and they are generally part of the IFTTT pool of hardware. We recommend the Arlo kit because it can connect with most other smart home hubs and lets you take advantage of the motion sensors. It also has an indoor camera that comes with it. For example you can use the motion sensors on the Arlo’s to trigger things on your SmartThings setup and influence other appliances in your home. What it comes with:

  • Arlo Q 1080P HD indoor camera
  • 3 Arlo 720p wireless outdoor cameras

While the Arlo camera kit’s price tag might seem like a little much, having your entire house equipped with high quality cameras without having to run any wires can come in handy in a bunch of ways and in most situations would be well worth the cost.


4) Protect America Smart Home Security

One of the best uses of home automation in our opinion is equipping your home with smart security. For this you can take advantage of motion sensors, door sensors, smoke alarms, security cameras, smart door locks, and much more and have full control right on your phone. Smart home security really encompasses all of the different aspects of a smart home and is one of the reasons the industry is expanding so quickly.

With Protect America security equipment installed and z-wave technology installed inside of your panel you can control all of your security and get alerts right to your phone so you never have to worry about your home while you’re away, or when you’re home for that matter. Get a free quote with Protect America today.