Home security has become a prevalent topic in the homes of individuals throughout the United States. The reason? Statistics released by the FBI and Department of Justice have continually highlighted a prevalence of property crimes, break-ins, and burglaries. Homeowners who want to be able to sleep with a little bit of security have made it a point to start researching ways to keep their home more safe and secure throughout the year.

This conversation has, obviously begun to point individuals toward securing their home with elaborate smart home security systems. There is a ton of knowledge on the web relating to smart home security, so we took it upon ourselves to pare down the various options to five specific choices. Listed below, readers will find the five most viable options for home security in 2018.


Top Five Options For Smart Home Security

A cursory search of the internet will reveal that there are hundreds of home security companies all trying to win over the attention and hard earned money of customers throughout the country. While the majority of these companies are probably perfectly serviceable, that still doesn’t mean that they are worth putting all of our faith into. This is especially true when you consider the following fact.

The vast majority of burglaries happen between the hours of 10 A.M. and 3 P.M. These prime hours are chosen due to the fact that the majority of homes are empty with their owners clocked in at work. Reliable home security helps to dramatically reduce the likelihood of a burglary.

The point that we are getting at is simple: without viable home security, burglaries around the country would continue to ascend in terms of totality and effectiveness. More than $7.9 million worth of property loss is reported each and every year to the authorities. In order to avoid becoming another statistic, consider doing business with any of the following five companies.

  • Protect America – Leading off our discussion is Protect America, a professional monitoring security company. Protect America is revered for their lowly monthly rates (starting at $30/month) and their lack of an installation fee. Locked-in rates and price matching go a long way toward securing customers’ wallet and their peace of mind.
  • ADT – One of the longest-running home security companies in the nation, ADT continues to be a popular choice for homeowners around the country. ADT has a sliding scale of security options, professional monitoring, and advanced technology.
  • Vivint – Vivint Home Security can be acquired with a free quote. This company offers around-the-clock professional monitoring as well as affordable financing for prospective customers.
  • SimpliSafe – Winners of the CNET Editor’s Choice for Home Security, SimpliSafe is a strong option that has begun to grow in terms of popularity. Their point of contention is a lack of contracts and a lack of hidden fees.
  • Link Interactive – Link Interactive offers 24/7 professionally monitored security systems that can be customized for different properties. With free quotes and a starting package of $36/month, they are hard to beat.


Making The Right Security System Choice

As we can see from the prior options, there are a wide variety of different home security options available on the marketplace. How does a homeowner narrow down their choice? We’ve narrowed down the industry from hundreds of choices down to just five and from there personal choice will take into effect. We advise taking time to consider each and every company, looking over their gear and their contracts while creating a budget. Most of these companies offer free estimates and consultations over the phone or email.

Protect America call to action

While there are no doubt many smart home security options on the market, few can offer what Protect America can. Protect America offers 24/7 professionally monitored home security at a price that every homeowner should be able to afford. With no installation fees and scaling security packages that start at $30/month, there are few better options available on the market. Call Protect America today for a free estimate on a home security system.