The speed at which technology is moving is both fast and exciting. Furthermore, this rapid evolution is taking place in nearly every aspect of our lives. The home front is no exception. Companies are designing devices to make our homes smarter, safer and more convenient. Moreover, homes are becoming smarter and more intuitive with each passing year. When it comes to smart home security trends and the associated technologies, 2019 will be anything but a disappointment.

2019 Smart Home Security Trends

Increase in IoT Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of every piece of technology that is connected to the internet. These devices range from smart light bulbs to wireless security cameras…and everything in between. The IoT has played a rather influential role in the rise and development of smart home security technology. It is safe to say that the IoT will only continue to grow in 2019.

Protect America Smart Home

You will likely see more internet-connected devices than ever before. Some examples include smart refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers. You’ll likely even see advancements in crockpots! The home front is an excellent point of growth for products designed to improve our lifestyles.

However, there is one question that we should all be asking with the explosion of IoT technology in the home. Just because we can, should we?

What a Smart Home Should Do

Regardless of the various smart home security trends, all smart homes should serve one primary purpose. This primary purpose is simple – to improve the lives of those who live in the home. Simply connecting a device to the internet doesn’t make it a smart device. All truly smart devices should accomplish the following:

  • Incorporate wireless communication;
  • Collect and learn from data input without additional user input;
  • Possess the ability to interact with the IoT and other smart products; and
  • Solve more issues than their ‘dumb’ counterparts.

Simply connecting a device to the internet may seem like an advancement in the right direction. However, it is more of a gimmick than a gadget in reality. A genuine smart home, like the systems provided by Protect America, works to integrate multiple smart home devices into a seamless system. Furthermore, users should able to control their smart home devices from a single interface, anytime, anywhere.

More Devices for Babies and Pets

Another smart home trend on the rise involves the smallest members of many homes – babies and pets. 2019 has brought about a sharp increase in smart home devices designed for new parents. One such device is Nanit’s Baby-wearable breathing wear.

You can also expect to see more smart devices for our furry friends. Such technology includes cameras and self-dispensing treat machines. This segment of technology is not only smart, but it also provides parents and pet owners with a newly found peace of mind.

We had this exact thought when we developed the Protect America lineup of cameras. Our indoor surveillance camera lets you view live and recorded HD video, hear and speak to your child via two-way communication and even get notifications on your smartphone when motion is detected. All in all, this camera is perfect for parents of both children and pets!

More Voice Control Integration

Voice control is already an essential part of the smart home automation process. smart speakers make it easy to control numerous elements of your home. Roughly 39 million people in the US already own speakers with voice recognition capabilities such as Google Home and Amazon Echo.

2019 has seen even more instances of voice control in the home with features that allow you to control other smart devices with simple voice commands. The ability to control various devices with your voice is on track to incorporate nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Voice control is extremely helpful, which is why Protect America integrates with Alexa. This integration allows you to turn your lights on and off, lock your door, arm your security system and adjust the thermostat all with the power of your voice.

Smarter Bathrooms

Bathrooms are among the most frequently renovated rooms for homeowners. Despite this fact, it is surprising that we haven’t seen much integration of smart home technologies in bathrooms. This is especially true when three out of four Americans take their smartphones to the bathroom with them! This has changed with the rise of smart toilets, individualized bidets, motion-activated lights, and voice-activated shower controls in smart homes. The further development of smart bathrooms depends on the degree to which the overall experience is perceived as a meaningful development.

Growth of Artificial Intelligence

Another trend that we have seen develop in 2019 has been artificial intelligence, or AI as it is more commonly known. AI extends far beyond the existence of robots. It is the way that smart devices actually learn and in turn become more useful. The more you use them, the smarter they become. This may be a terrifying idea due to Skynet from the Terminator series, but it can be a truly beautiful advancement when applied in the right way.

A prime example of AI learning is the Protect America GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat. The GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat integrates with your smart home and uses AI to learn your temperature preferences and actively adjusts the temperature based on your location and activity level.

Think about it this way. If you’re in a rush to get to work, you don’t have to worry about leaving the thermostat up too high (or low) depending on the outdoor temperature. The system detects your occupancy patterns and lowers/raises the temperature. Solutions like this will save you money and time.

Design Friendly Gadgets

Plain and simple. A smart device that doesn’t coordinate with your decor can be a total eyesore. 2019 has brought about many beautiful and eye-catching devices that you can customize to match almost any interior or exterior style. In short, you won’t have to sacrifice style for convenience anymore. As the smart home industry continues to grow and mature, aesthetic compatibility is starting to catch up with the overall function of the devices.

Furthermore, the Protect America central Hub and Protect America app allows you to control your devices from a central location or your phone. This eliminates the clutter of multiple devices and remotes. In the end, isn’t smart home technology supposed to help you get more out of your home and help keep your valuables safe, and not take up more space in your home than what is absolutely necessary?

Upgrade Your Home Today

Each year, companies become more and more innovative as they create smarter devices and technology—and 2019 is no exception. We can’t wait to see what else this year brings to the smart home space. And we have some innovations coming out later this year that we can’t wait to share with you. Stay tuned!

If you’re ready to take the leap and get ahead of the trends with an integrated home security system, contact one of our Smart Home Security Pros at 1-800-951-5190 for a free quote today.