Imagine a burglar attempts a break-in and he trips up the motion sensors in the home. Immediately your lights begin to flash on and off to startle the intruder and alert both you and all of your neighbors that an attempted break-in has occurred. These overhead flashing lights will sound with a 100-decibel alarm, and if you aren’t home, you’ll receive a push alert notification with a video of the break-in that just occurred. This is how a NuBryte home security system works.

Nubryte is created by Lucis technologies, a Silicon Valley based company. It’s a light switch that doubles as a home security system. It has built-in security cameras and motion detectors, and uses the home’s lights and alarms as its primary sources for home security notifications.


The system’s biggest appeal is its ability to control all lights in the home with any bulb, meaning NuBryte does not need smart bulbs. NuBryte can turn lights on and off when you enter a room, learn your schedule to adjust lights, and in the meantime help you save money on energy costs.

Further Specifications

The home security camera in the NuBryte product is a wide angle camera that captures up to 120° of motion. The camera is installed by simply replacing light switches, and though installation doesn’t require a technician, you should be comfortable with basic home wiring before attempting to tackle this project.

The product has an open API, which allows it to pair with third party devices.

The NuBryte Touchpoint is the primary control panel of the device, while the Flex is the light switch with an LED indicator that only works if a user already has a Touchpoint device. Both devices connect to WiFi, and the Flex tools connect to the Touchpoint. These devices are also equipped with motion sensors, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors. 

NuBryte updates include the weather station, energy monitors, timers, room climate, and the family calendar. 

With NuBryte, lights can be scheduled. Night light mode allows people to see where they are walking if they wake up in the middle of the night, and morning wake-up mode turns on lights to alert people to wake up. Vacation mode lets lights go on and off while you’re away to make it seem like you are home.

NuBryte has a home intercom system that allows people to connect and communicate with family members. This happens via a built in WiFi intercom system that lets people talk room to room, but it must happen between two Touchpoint consoles in the home.

New, But Not Bright

The Nubryte clocks in at $250 for a one panel switch, or $260 for a two panel switch. This is a hefty price for a product that appears to be a glorified light switch. Though it has an open API, NuBryte doesn’t work with much other than Amazon’s assistant Alexa and Google Calendar.

There are number of reviews that state the intercom doesn’t work as advertised, and trouble has occured while attempting to communicate. Additionally, for the intercom to work properly, you’ll actually need to have two Touchpoint systems, which adds money to your overall bill.


The system also doesn’t allow you to see a live-feed of the home, it simply sends video footage in the event of a break-in. Once this occurs, you’ll have to choose if you want to alert the police. As we’ve covered before, this unmonitored approach to home security is not useful. What happens if you don’t have internet and the alert isn’t received? If you have to call the police, there will be a time lapse, so won’t burglars have already gotten away with the items they wanted?

NuBryte takes a unique approach to home security by focusing on the lighting, but without providing a monitored service, additional features, live-streams, or any semblance of an all-encompassing home security system, we suggest you stick with the professionals.