We are living in the unbridled age of technological innovation. From the way that we do our jobs to how we interact with each other, everything is funneled through technology. This technological movement, fueled largely by the Internet of Things, has obviously saturated our entertainment completely. Smart technology, a subset of the Internet of Things, is tech that manages to interact with our mobile devices in a wireless manner. Smart speakers, in particular, can dramatically improve your mobile, music-listening experience. Today, let us look at the most popular smart speakers in the world in order to see what they do well before ultimately picking out which is the best of them all.

What Is a Smart Speaker?

In order to have an appropriate discussion surrounding the best smart speakers in the marketplace, we have to know what the technology even is. Most readers undoubtedly understand what speakers are and a good chunk of these readers will likely have some awareness of what defines a piece of ‘smart’ technology. With that being said, there is actually a lot more going on underneath the surface than what many may be led to believe.

Smart speakers are for more than just playing music, they are for making your life easier.

In a general sense, smart speakers are essentially any sound-emitting devices that can be engaged in a wireless fashion. If this were the only information available on smart speakers, it would be enough. However, thanks to the hard work being done by individuals at Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Apple this is no longer an adequate definition. Here are a number of other benefits that modern smart speakers can provide people.

  • Interactive Communication – At this point, most people have seen the commercials surrounding smart speakers like Alexa or the Echo. These audiophile speakers are shown in the commercials to be personal, interactive, problem-solving devices. From scheduling appointments to downloading music, and everything in between, these communicative devices are incredible.
  • Media Hub – Instead of relying on a separate media device, such as an MP3 player or iPhone, smart speakers store all of the media that users could want to listen to within themselves. Rather than downloading a playlist, smart speakers will merely interact with the Cloud or stream through services such as Pandora or Spotify.
  • Smart Assistant – Finally, smart speakers have become virtual assistants for modern technology enthusiasts. Users can schedule important meetings or send off emails by merely speaking the idea into existence.

With a full understanding of smart speakers, we can now dive into the two best options available in the marketplace today.


Amazon Echo Series

The Amazon line of smart speakers is going to likely be the most popular seller in 2018 and this is particularly true of users who are seeking a truly affordable and interactive experience. Among the many different smart speakers that Amazon personally provides, the Amazon Echo Dot looks to be the most genuinely usable of the bunch. With a low price point and a full range of features, the Echo Dot is something every family could add to their household.

Google Home Max

Serious audiophiles only need to know one smart speaker in 2018: the Google Home Max. This sizable smart speaker focuses on providing not only the traditional smart services that are a staple of the industry but also a fully realized auditory experience. The Google Home Max is offered at a full price point but it absolutely nails a full sound design.

Smart technology, as seen above, can be used for many different things in our modern lives. While ostensibly a popular source of entertainment, smart technology is also making a difference in the world of home security. Fully realized wireless home security, such as the systems provided by Protect America, are helping homeowners keep their security systems up to date and effective. Homeowners or property renters who want to sleep a little more soundly should reach out for a consultation today.