Are you looking for a cutting edge product on Kickstarter? Kickstarter is home to some pretty brilliant products, including a variety of thermostat, heating, and cooling technology options. But there’s something you should know: these projects almost never fund. Both the best and the worst smart thermostat projects haven’t actually funded or have had their project canceled. That doesn’t mean you can’t find them — it just means you’re going to have to go direct to the manufacturer or project manager and ask them what’s going on.

Most Creative – Embue: Start Here for a Better Home

Embue is a slick piece of technology designed to control your home’s temperature room-by-room. Embue is a vent system in addition to a thermostat, controlling each vent individually. Sensors placed by the vents determine whether the system activates.

Many homes have rooms with uneven temperatures – too cold or too hot when compared to the rest of the house. Embue Vent™ solves these issues by replacing your existing registers with ones that are affordable, reliable, and automated.

Cost is where Embue becomes difficult, as it’s currently priced $225 per vent, which could mean the costs could be significant to retro-fit an entire home. Nevertheless, it’s one of the more creative approaches available on Kickstarter.

Most Flexible – Bemo: Smart Home System

Bemo actually replaces your existing thermostat with an old phone. Whether it’s Android or iOS, it can simply be plugged into a slot on the thermostat system, and then used to control your home’s temperature. This innovative approach makes the system more flexible, as you spend far less to install it. The system itself cost $99.

You want a familiar, easy to use, high definition touch screen interface based on Andriod or iOS. Why pay $300 for another piece of technology that doesn’t even have a touch screen HD display when you likely have 1 or 2 old smartphones already lying around your house.

This system only makes sense, but consumers may have been hesitant to buy technology that was so DIY.

Most Versatile – RaQar Smartwindow

The RaQar Smartwindow was more than just a thermostat, it was ventilation, purification, and thermostat all in one. This system was designed to work with your phone to provide you with an all-in-one control panel to control your breathing environment.

roQar is an awesome smart combo of ventilator, purifier and AC controller! It brings ample clean fresh air to compensate for exhausted oxygen, expels the same amount of indoor stale air with CO2,CO,VOCs and all airborne pollutants, and incredibly save energy by helping even displacing air conditioner!

Though it promised a lot, this system may have been too advanced for its time. Pricing for the system was about $500 for the basic unit, despite the features that it offered. 


Worst: WiFi Switch

WiFi switch promised to be the first thermostat that “hosted its own server,” but quickly discovered that the reason was because no one wanted a thermostat with its own server. It was designed to replace existing thermostats, but it had an important missing feature: the thermostat didn’t have a visual display.

Its Kickstarter was also aimed at the highly technical, and it failed even though it included multiple modes:

  • Eco-mode
  • Time-mode
  • Temperature-mode

There are new thermostat projects on Kickstarter all the time, but for the most part, the technology that’s already available is a better bet. For more information on the technology available today, contact Protect America.