One of the options that a security system offers is a doorbell camera. While not all systems have these, many of them do — and that’s good news for homeowners who want to move toward more automation of their homes. These kinds of cameras can also help a homeowner talk to someone at their door through two-way communication. Additionally, with a smartphone app these cameras work even if the homeowner is away. Someone coming to the door won’t know that the homeowner isn’t there, and that can provide that homeowner with some additional peace of mind.


But when a homeowner is already using SmartThings, they want to make sure they choose a doorbell camera that works with that system. That way they don’t need to change systems, and they can feel good about the doorbell camera they select and its integration abilities. While not every doorbell camera works with SmartThings, some good options include:

All of those work with SmartThings, so a homeowner doesn’t have to worry about getting a doorbell camera to use with their security system and having it fail to work the right way. For strong peace of mind, it’s always good to have proper integration between as many devices as possible.

What Does a Doorbell Camera Really Do?

A doorbell camera’s main function is to show a homeowner who is standing on their doorstep. Whether the homeowner is actually home or not is really irrelevant, thanks to the options for smartphone apps. But the main point of these cameras isn’t to ward off visitors, but to discourage people who think the house might be vacant.

When they get a response through the two-way audio and they realize they’re being photographed or recorded, they’ll generally leave if they were planning on causing a problem.

For a lot of would-be criminals, it’s not worth it to try to break into a house that has a doorbell camera, at least by trying to get in through the front door. While they may try another door or a window, it’s assumed that a doorbell camera is tied to a security system. Most potential burglars will move on and choose a house that’s clearly not protected.

Is SmartThings a Good Choice for Homeowners?

Working with a security company means there are many good choices for sensors, cameras, detectors, and more. But SmartThings can be an excellent option for setting up a home automation and security system. This is because SmartThings offers a wide mix of different choices for equipment. A number of other brands and devices are compatible with SmartThings, so any homeowner who uses it can get equipment from various places and start enjoying a high level of home automation. As long as the devices they buy are compatible with the SmartThings hub, they can build their system up as much as they want.


Selecting a Good Option for a Security Company

SmartThings is a good choice, but there are other companies to consider, too. Mostly, it comes down to what a homeowner actually wants and needs in their home automation and security system. Some homeowners are much more interested in a traditional setup, while others are looking for something they can virtually build themselves. A lot of people want something that falls somewhere in the middle. They would like to be able to make their own choices, but they’d also like to have some stock items to choose from, in order to make it easier. That’s a good way to build a system, and SmartThings can offer that to a homeowner.

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