Smith and Thompson is a home security company. Their headquarters is located in Plano and they only serve the state of Texas. While their website and prices seem great at a glance, there is a lot that this company could do to improve the experience a customer may have. For example, their equipment is low-quality, the customer service is rude and unprofessional, and the over all level of security you would get from this company is below acceptable standard. Would you want to pay for a service that will fail to help you in a time of need? And would you do business with a company that won’t help you resolve your problems? Consider a more reputable home security company that takes pride in excellent customer service and quality products, such as Protect America.


Customer Reviews and Rude Responses

A quick search on the Internet will tell you how rude the customer service representatives can be to you if you ever have a problem with your service. According to this customer review from a few weeks ago, Smith and Thompson does not have reliable service:

You get what you pay for. Please do not trust the security of your family with this company. It is fine until you have a problem. It seems like a small family run operation. Customer service is rude and unhelpful.

Another reviewer had some alarms sound with no response or help whatsoever. Their review stated:

Use them at your own peril. The last two times my alarm went off, no call was made to either the police or to me. Another time, I asked them where the alarm had been set of and they couldn’t tell me. There is a reason these guys are the cheapest in town. Can you guess why?

In addition to these poor reviews, the business owner occasionally responds to people with rude comments such as the one below:

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.36.53 PM

If that’s not enough to show you how unprofessional this company can be, simply take a look at another response from Mark T. of Smith and Thompson:

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.40.18 PM


While their monitoring runs for about $17 a month, a new system with limited products will cost you about $300 for the hardware and installation. Then you must pay another $90 for wireless monitoring. If you want any kind of smart phone integration, it is an additional $7 a month. After all of those charges, you’ll have spent quite a bit for service that is apparently unreliable.


Your Alternative

For much less, you can get home security from one of the most reputable home security companies out there! Not only does Protect America value the customer experience, we’ll save you money! For as low as $19.99 a month – you’ll get all your start-up equipment for free. This includes a lifetime replacement warranty and a fixed rate! We currently offer 5 different packages for each price point. We’ll protect your home and your wallet! If you want smart phone integration, our SMART connect app is completely free with broadband or cellular monitoring. We’re a national home security company that can accommodate you anywhere in the United States or Canada. Call Protect America today!