These days more homeowners and businesses are looking at the benefits of green energy, especially solar. Some see solar power as an attractive option because of tax credits and incentives from the government. Others are attracted to solar power because the cost for solar panels and equipment has been dropping. You can also choose to have your solar panels professionally installed, making it easier to have and enjoy the cost saving benefits of an energy efficient home. So what about when it comes to surveillance and home security systems? Are there solar powered options that will meet the consumer need for safety and reliability? Let’s take a look at some of the options for solar powered home security systems. If you have questions or would like help setting up a DIY security system installation, call the experts at Protect America for help. They have experts standing by to help.


Solar power is the last energy resource that isn’t owned yet – nobody taxes the sun yet. – Bonnie Raitt

Solar Powered Security Lights

One of the most obvious applications for solar power is lighting. We have already seen solar powered garden and lawn lighting gear, so security lights is a logical next step. They are available from online retailers. The Mpow Solar Lights system is a two-pack of lights designed with sensors that can be set for areas like the back yard, driveway and other areas of the property. It uses motion sensors. The product, however, may only last six months to one year after continuous use. URPOWER also makes solar lights for security. These lights can hold their power up to four days. These are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. There is no motion detection though. The Litom 24 LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights on the other hand, come with 24 LED lights and motion sensors. It also provides great wide-angle coverage but has a limited battery life.

Solar Powered Security Cameras

Many people are interested in buying solar powered security cameras for their properties as a way to save energy while providing some security for their home. So what is available? Ring, the smart device maker, has introduced a camera called the Stick Up Cam. It has two-way audio and allows you to communicate via smartphone, computer or tablet devices. The motion detection is not as reliable, according to reports. There is also a monthly subscription and the solar panel is sold separately. The KKmoon HW0029 HD Outdoor Wi-Fi IP Security Camera is a solar camera with long battery life and good night visibility. It can hold power up to two days. There are motion sensors. The product is heavy duty.


Combo Systems

There are systems you can buy that bundle items together for better value. The Maxsa security camera with floodlight is one example as is the KKmoon 40 IR LEDs Solar Floodlight 720P HD CCTV Security Camera. There are likely to be more systems becoming available on the market for homeowners and businesses looking for solar powered security and surveillance solutions. Another company called Radius Vision provides custom solutions for high end solar powered security systems for industrial and commercial use.

Homeowners could buy their products too to protect their home with advanced technology and systems like motion activated cameras, alarms systems, communications and more, all while being integrated with advanced smart recording systems and storage capabilities. They have invested a great deal into their products, which are worth checking out online. Building a custom solar powered security and surveillance solution for your home might not be easy but it is getting easier and more affordable. Interested in monitored home security? Get a free quote from Protect America.