Sonitrol Integrated Solutions provides homes and businesses with a single source of security systems for intrusion, video, fire, and professional monitoring. They offer a wide range of solutions for security problems that all stem from a single system. Sonitrol began with its roots in pest control. Robert Baxter incorporated his audio-based extermination techniques with home security and eventually came up with Sonitrol, a combination of sound and control. The company has been in business for over 50 years and they have a headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. While Sonitrol has plenty of experience in the industry, they charge a very high amount of money to get started with your home security system. Sonitrol may have their reasons for costing such a penny for similar service and equipment that you could get elsewhere for less. However, Protect America believes that home security should be affordable. 


Sonitrol Intrusion Information

Sonitrol Integrated Solutions offers something that many other companies do not. This is their audio-based home security intrusion verification. Instead of most systems which are generally motion based, Sonitrol uses audio to verify an intrusion. When your alarm is tripped, Sonitrol’s security monitors can listen in on your home to verify if the intrusion is actually a burglary in progress or a false alarm. In a typical intrusion package, you have the option to get:

  • verified audio detection
  • intelligent access control systems
  • fire detection
  • digital video surveillance

Up-Front Cost and Monthly Fees

Sonitrol costs about $45 for monthly monitoring in their most basic package. This price does not include the estimated $495 you will spend in up-front costs. Their contract is slightly shorter than many other companies at 24 months. This might be why their prices are so high. Consider a more affordable company like Protect America, where equipment is free with purchase of monthly monitoring for as low as $19.99 a month.

Customer Service Complaints

While Sonitrol can boast about the quality of their alarm systems, they fall short in customer service. In many ways customer service quality can make or break a company. The way that customers are treated and dealt with reflects a lot about the priorities of a business. While it is certainly difficult to please everyone all the time, there ways to improve customer service throughout a company. There are a number of unhappy customer reviews on various websites that speak volumes about the service provided by Sonitrol. For example, this customer wrote:

I’ve given Sonitrol many chances to make up for their bad business policies, so now that I have no other way to warn people, I’m using yelp to get the word out.

Then there is this complaint:

They have very poor customer service with numerous empty promises of improving things, missed appointments and so on and so forth.

Yet another customer had a similar complaint about Sonitrol’s customer service techniques, or lack of:

I never got a call and it has been over a week. The good news is I have gone with another company and it appears that I chose well. Sonitrol does not seem to have any sense of customer service. Unfortunate for them – they lost a sale.


Your Solution

For excellent service, consider a professionally monitored system from Protect America. If your main reason for wanting to build your own system is affordability, we have great news for you. Protect America aims to give you the most affordable technology possible. You can find monthly monitoring for as low as $19.99, and we’ll give you free equipment. We’re so confident that our current promotions are the best price available online for wireless home security systems, we’re willing to put money on it to back our claim. If you find a lower price for the same amount of wireless home security systems as we offered, we’ll match the price. You’ll get a lifetime warranty on all our devices as well as a locked in rate. Protect America can offer you the reliability of a professional security system while still maintaining the simplicity and affordability of a DIY system.