Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security has been protecting people and their property for more than 50 years. If years of experience were the primary factor in choosing a home security system, you could halt your search at Sonitrol. However, a lot has changed in the last 50 years and having offered home security for a long time does not necessarily guarantee that you will get the biggest bang for your buck or the most up to date technology. The following will help you to weigh your options and decide if Sonitrol Home Security will be your best choice for the system that will be protecting your family and your property.



Sonitrol has been in the business of securing homes, schools, and businesses for more than five decades. In this time they have built an excellent reputation with local law enforcement. In fact, one of the original partners in the business was a police officer that had grown tired of sub-par security systems allowing thefts to go unpunished. When Officer Al Cronk met inventor Robert Baxter in 1963, they worked together to create a state of the art home security system that became the foundation of Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security.


Verified audio and video intrusion detection system

  • Early false alarm and break-in detection
  • Monitors will not bother client or law enforcement in the case of false alarms

Access control systems for businesses

  • Reduces incidences of internal theft

Video surveillance solutions

  • Continuous and automated recording
  • Deterrent for internal and external theft

Fire Detection

  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Smoke/heat/duct detection
  • Waterflow/sprinkler/temperature monitoring
  • Voice evacuation system

Reviews and testimonials

According to reviews and customer testimonials on websites such as and, Sonitrol Verified Electronic Security prefers dealing with business customers over homeowners. Although many customers have been pleased with the security and monitoring that the company provides, many more have complained about an overall lack of adequate customer service.

We use Sonitrol at our business, and I can tell you that we are very happy with it. We used ADT prior to Sonitrol, but the false alarm fines were crazy. Sure, Sonitrol is a little more expensive initially, but with $2,000 in false alarm fines with ADT, you do the math. -Alarm System Reviews

These people are not transparent and I would not recommend doing business with them. -Best Home Security Review. provides a limited comparison of the pricing for 32 security companies. It is interesting to note that Sonitrol was one of only four of the 32 companies that chose not to provide pricing information for the online comparison. Despite Sonitrol’s legacy as a long-standing and progressive leader in the security industry, consumers may want to use caution and investigate companies that provide equal security monitoring but also place value on transparency.


The Protect America Option

Burglars broke a window to gain access into my home. The patio door was opened for a 2nd burglar to enter at which time the alarm went off. I arrived back home while the alarm was still going, Protect America was calling and the police had already been dispatched. Not one thing was able to be stolen. – Home Security Systems Review

There are a number of factors that will come into play when making the decision about what security company will best fit your security needs. The number one thing that you want, bar none, is a monitored home security system. Ranking websites like consistently place Protect America in their top five home security system providers. Determinants including, 24/7 monitoring, no upfront costs, no activation or equipment fees, and equipment lifetime warranty keep Protect America at the top of the heap. If you would like to learn more about monitored security for your home and obtain a free quote for services that they can provide to keep your home and family safe, contact Protect America today.