Sonitrol home security systems are hard to quantify in terms of their benefits, because they mitigate risks and provide peace-of-mind, but there are advantages to comparing pricing options. Homeowners may only need specific features to optimize their systems. Below are some options and price points to consider, when determining how much Sonitrol will cost.


Monthly Cost

As of 2018, Sonitrol doesn’t advertise their price for residential monthly service. Prospective customers are encouraged to submit an inquiry for pricing, based on their requirements and the size of their home. Comparable service providers offer varying rates as low as $19.99 for basic security features, but can rise to $49.95 and beyond, for advanced technology. Sonitrol offers state-of-the-art home security protection, leveraging SonaVision Monitored Video and mobile apps to optimize security coverage.

Some of the residential services offered by Sonitrol include:

Access Control

SonaVision – Monitored Video

Fire Detection

Audio & Visual Intrusion Detection

Upfront Costs

Sonitrol doesn’t advertise their installation costs either. Comparable service providers range from offering free installation services, to one-time charges of $99 or more. The costs of installation vary depending how sophisticated the system homeowners want. While this fee is minimal relative to the benefits of the system, it is something that homeowners should consider.

According to Sonitrol,

We’ll replace your existing mechanical locks and keys with electronic locks, badges or cards and readers.

This installation helps homeowners improve the safety and security of their homes at the beginning of service. Other technologically advanced monitoring devices and home automation features are easily placed into homes, upon the request of owners.


Warranty Information

As of 2018, Sonitrol offers a $10,000 warranty on homes actively monitored using their systems. If there is an intruder that breaks-in and the company doesn’t detect or report the incident, then Sonitrol will pay for, replace or repair damaged or lost property. This coverage amount exceeds that of other service providers, which offer coverage at $1,000 or less. This extra guarantee and peace-of-mind is invaluable to those that have expensive keepsakes, heirlooms and collectibles in their home.

Home security systems have the power to not only protect homeowners and their assets, but they can give residents peace-of-mind that enhances their quality of life. Sonitrol offers packages and services at different price points, allowing residents to balance security requirements with their budget. For a free quote for home security, please contact Protect America.