Among the alarm companies that people can choose from is Sonitrol. This particular company offers a lot that other companies also provide, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have any differences. Because they are nationwide, which franchise a customer goes to may also affect their experience with the company. That’s important to consider, because homeowners want to choose the right company for their needs. If they fail to do so, they could end up locked into a contract they aren’t happy with — and without the level of protection and security they really want, either.


What People Say About Sonitrol

Many people like Sonitrol, but the company definitely has a few mixed reviews and some unhappy customers. The chief complaint with Sonitrol is that the contract is too long and not at all easy to cancel if a customer wants out. That’s pretty standard for a security company, as many of them have reviews that are uncomplimentary.

It’s important to remember that all companies are different, but they are all in a very similar industry when they provide monitored security services. They are going to be similar in how they do business, so finding that their contracts are a problem may not be an issue that’s unique to Sonitrol in any way.

It may simply be what’s typical for alarm companies, in which case it shouldn’t make potential customers shy away from getting service through that company in their local area.

Can Online Reviews Be Trusted?

Another issue that homeowners have to consider when deciding whether to choose Sonitrol over a competing company is whether the online reviews of that company can be trusted. People can and do lie online, and some companies also pay for reviews. Additionally, some sites will allow removal of bad reviews for a fee. With that in mind, these reviews can still be very helpful in that they may provide a homeowner with a good idea of what they can expect from the company and whether their money is going to be well spent by using that company for their security needs. If they aren’t sure that it’s a good deal, further research should be done to make a sound and wise decision.


Choosing the Right Company Matters

The right security company is the one that meets a homeowner’s needs. These generally include:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • easy installation
  • good customer service
  • quality equipment
  • reliability of the system

While all security companies should provide those things, the reality is that not all of them actually do. Finding a company that will offer everything at a great price is possible, though, as long as a homeowner is willing to look around a little and make sure they can discover what is really important to them. Then they can pick the company that has the best ratings and that also offers what they’re looking for when it comes to peace of mind and true security, along with the value they expect.

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