The Naked Truth About Spectrum Home Security Systems

There aren’t a whole lot of glowing testimonials about Spectrum Home Security Systems available today. Home protection is a vibrant and growing industry with many competent providers available. If you are looking for a long-term relationship with your security service provider, it does not make a lot of sense to go with Spectrum.


We understand the need for consumers to invest in a security system that is monitored and full-service as it seems like there is a new and terrifying home invasion story on the news every day. Finding a company that is reliable and provides effective equipment as well as a high level of customer service is essential. If you come across Spectrum Home Security Systems during your research for a security service provider, we strongly suggest that you keep on moving!

While they may have once been a serious contender, with the changes to their corporate structure it is no longer apparent how much longer they will be providing home security services, and in what capacity.

The right company will provide the entire package, from technologically advanced equipment to installation and management systems. And perhaps most importantly, live monitoring around the clock. Email and text alerts are not always effective in getting one’s attention, and it is always good to know that your security service will contact you via a live phone call when necessary.

3 Surprising Facts that May Surprise You

  • Spectrum Home Security offers internet, cable TV, and home security all on the same bill.
  • Post-merger it appears that home security is no longer one of its core offerings, and according to many reports, service levels have diminished substantially.
  • Spectrum internet services are required in order to take advantage of their home security system services.

If you are in need of a professional home security service, it is hard to understand why you would choose a company like Spectrum. While their technology is top-rated there is not much else going for this product sector of the firm, and many sources are reporting that the home security division may eventually be phased out. If you are looking for a more robust system than what you can achieve through a DIY home security system, there are many other great options available for you.

Yes, their equipment and technology are at the head of the pack, but a good security company is one that provides excellent gear along with exceptional customer service. If you are looking to avoid the DIY buy it in a box solution to home security, may we suggest that you take a look at Protect America?


Avoid the Headaches and Go with a Long-Standing Home Security System Provider

If you are looking for a professional security partner that will allow you to forget about the management of your home security system on a day to day basis, it is time to learn more about Protect America. This company has been in business for over 25 years and provides comprehensive security systems to families like yours. If you are interested in such features as;

  • Free installation
  • Equipment credits up to $1,400
  • Price match guarantees

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