Did you know that according to the Burea Of Justice Statistics that 3.7 million burglaries occur each year? Did you also know that homes with a security system are 33% less likely to be broken into? According to these statistics, it only makes sense that you should at the very least consider getting a SSD home security system. There are so many benefits of going with an SSD home security system and here are four important things to know when making your decision.


They Are Custom-Made For Your Home 

An SSD home security system isn’t a cookie cutter system, but is instead custom-made for your home. All of your windows, doors, gates, etc. will be taken into consideration when choosing what types of cameras, sensors, and other monitoring gear to use. This system is simple to install and can be completely installed within an hour. This is much more secure than simply setting up a security camera of your own and hoping it is located in the right area.

You Have 24/7 Monitoring 

When you choose to go with a SSD home security system, your home will be monitored 24/7. There are no holidays or vacations when it comes to the security of your home. Whether you are home or not, your home is being monitored. This is a whole new experience than having a stand alone alarm system because essentially nothing happens after an alarm goes off with a traditional alarm system, unless of course you are there to do something yourself. However, this doesn’t provide nearly the same level of protection and peace of mind.

The System Automatically Contacts Support

If an alarm is set off in any part of your home or property, a report is immediately sent back to a monitoring station. You will then be notified promptly by the monitoring station and informed of the issue. Two-way voice abilities through the security system make this possible. If it is indeed a real emergency, then police will be sent to your home. However, if the alarm was accidentally set off by a family member, friend, pet, etc., then you can let them know that it was a false alarm and you can cancel the alarm. This gives you complete control and allows for a very short response time. This could be the difference between life and death in some cases, as well as the difference between catching a burgular or not.

 Smartphone Apps Are Available

The things that smartphones can do are incredible and they are simply getting better and better. SSD home security systems take advantage of smartphone technology by creating an app that allows you to access your securtiy system from your phone. This means that whether or not you are at home, you can view all of the cameras at your home. This is perfect for giving you piece of mind when you are at the grocery store, on vacation, or otherwise away from your home.


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