Stanley Convergent Security Solutions is a company that provides electronic security devices and related services to businesses and homes. They also own and operate their own central security station (monitoring center) that is UL and FM approved. Stanley Convergent is based out of Naperville, Illinois and has been in business since 2004. While their monitoring response time is fast, they fall short in a number of areas while charging a very high fee for the same services that other companies provide for much less.



Because Stanley focuses on customized solutions for everyone they work with, they don’t list any prices whatsoever on the website. This includes monitoring services, installation and equipment, meaning you’ll have absolutely no idea what you’ll pay for your services. The lack of pricing is clearly frustrating and consumers should be provided that type of information up-front.

Some further investigation provided information on the prices you might expect from Stanley. Monitoring costs will be about $45 a month in addition to installation, activation, and equipment fees. A starting point of $45 a month is a lot compared to what competitors offer. At Protect America, monthly monitoring starts at $19.99 a month and there are no up-front costs!

Contracts and Up-Front Costs

Stanley Convergent requires a minimum of 24-month contracts, which comes out to about $1080 in monitoring alone if you opt for their base price. However, once you calculate the cost of up-front fees, the total expense increases immensely. The estimate of up-front costs, which may include installation and activation, comes out to about $495 in additional fees before your monitoring contract even begins. That’s a lot of money.

The Affordable Alternative

Protect America believes your home security should be simple and affordable. With the Copper Package, all three of Protect America’s monitoring options are less expensive than the $45 monitoring fee that Stanley charges their customers. At Protect America, we take pride in the affordability, simplicity, and adaptability of our home security packages. With each package catering to a different price point, we strive to offer you the best deal. If you’re looking for reliable and affordable security, then you’re looking for Protect America!

Customer Service

According to a test run by Top Ten Reviews, they contacted Stanley Convergent in order to assess their customer services. After sending an initial request to Stanley, they received a response several days later but could never reach the representative again. They called the company several times, only to continually reach a voice box or be transferred to individuals who never picked up the phone. Top Ten Reviews was never able to speak directly with a representative, which is one of the biggest drawbacks to Stanley Convergent Security. Many other customers had similar experiences with Stanley.



Stanley Convergent had an F-rating with the Better Business Bureau until recently, when it changed to C-rating. The majority of complaints filed against them had to do with product and services. Here is an example of a review posted by a recent consumer regarding the services Stanley Convergent provides:

They apparently don’t know their own profession for our well-being has been compromised.  Since installing it 3 months ago, we have had many problems. The original price for the system was quoted as $1700 and now they are requiring an extra $200 for no apparent reason.  We do not want this contraption in our house and no one will come over to uninstall it.

According to the FBI, burglary is the most common threat to our home. For this reason, it is important to safeguard your family and property with a reliable security system from a company that will be there for you in a time of need. Protect America has had 12 more years of experience than Stanley Convergent, and during this time we have perfected excellence and affordability when it comes to securing your home. Protect America will protect you for a fraction of Stanley’s cost, and our customer service is both accessible and reliable. When you choose a home security company, make sure it’s one you can trust – after all, you’re placing your most valued items in its care.