With more than 1.4 million customers nationwide, Suddenlink Home Security is a major provider in the home alarm industry. If you are thinking of installing a new home security system for your property, there are a few factors to keep in mind when reviewing and comparing home security companies such as Suddenlink Home Security. Before signing a contract or purchasing equipment with a new home alarm provider, feel confident in understanding what you are capable of receiving in return for the monthly fees you agree to pay.


Lack of Home Automation Options

Suddenlink Home Security provides service to millions of Americans. However, they do not currently offer the ability to integrate a home automation feature into your security package. Some of the most popular security services offered by Suddenlink include:

  • Central control keypads and panels to quickly and easily access your home alarm system
  • Wireless monitoring systems along with wireless cameras and surveillance options
  • Motion sensors and detectors which are ideal for both doors and windows (perfect for indoor and outdoor solutions)
  • Glassbreak detectors to inform you immediately of a potential breach of security
  • Flood sensors if you live in an area prone to flood or natural disasters

No Pricing Transparency (Although Suddenlink Claims to Offer Affordable Monthly Rates)

Suddenlink Home Security offers plans and packages that claim to hover around the $20 a month rate. While Suddenlink boasts their $20 monthly fee, there are other factors to consider before choosing them as your sole home security provider. Suddenlink does not have complete pricing transparency with the services they offer, especially when it comes to upfront costs and installation fees. While some customers report they received a quote from Suddenlink for a $99 installation job, they were shocked to receive a bill for upwards of $700.

There are a lot of different ways to pay your Suddenlink bill. Generally, it’s not a good idea to enable auto-pay billing with companies like Suddenlink because you never know when they’re going to slip in extra fees that you had no idea about.  If you do notice one of these fee’s, you might want to consider Calling Suddenlink to bill pay over the phone. That way you can ask the customer service rep about the fee and if you can expect to see it again in the future.


Short Contract With Initial Equipment Investment

One advantage of Suddenlink Home Security is the ability to sign on with the company with a one-year contract, even if you are a new customer. While many security companies require anywhere from 3 to 5 years as their initial contract, Suddenlink Home Security allows for more flexibility. While their monthly rate is much lower than other competitors on the market, customers are still required to invest in the equipment of their choosing while paying for it at full retail price.

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