83% of active burglars admit to specifically seeking out a home alarm system on a property before attempting to break in and enter.

Out of the 83% of burglars who admitted to searching for home alarm systems, 60% admitted that they are likely to be deterred if a home security system is in fact, spotted on a home they are interested in. Each year, more than 2 million burglaries and break-ins are reported throughout the country. Investing in a home alarm system is no small feat, especially if you have family members and loved ones to protect in addition to your property and belongings. Before choosing a company such as Suddenlink Home Security, it is imperative to learn more about your options when it comes to monitoring, pricing, and reliability. Choosing a home security system provider should always be carefully considered before making a final decision that may last you years or even decades to come.


Suddenlink Home Security Services

While Suddenlink Home Security does not currently offer home automation features, some of the most popular services available include:

  • 24/7 Wireless monitoring system
  • Central control panel and keypad
  • Glassbreak detectors for specific windows or doors throughout your home
  • Motion sensors which are ideal for both windows and doors
  • Wireless surveillance cameras and setups for easy installation regardless of the size and layout of your home
  • Flood sensors for water-prone areas

Lack of Pricing Transparency

Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with Suddenlink Home Security is their lack of pricing transparency. While the company claims that most packages run approximately $20 each month, there is no clear indication of this on their website or official promotional material. While there is a lack of transparency regarding the pricing of Suddenlink Home Security, it is very clear that new contracts, however, are only one year in length, even for new customers.

Pricing Surprises

According to some customers, an initial estimate of $99 for a new install ran well over $700 once the job had been completed. Before choosing a home security company to provide for you and your family, it is essential to distinguish which charges you will be responsible for and the total cost of your installation prior to making a decision.

Service Restrictions

While Suddenlink Home Security services more than 1.4 million customers nationwide, it is currently only available in 16 states. If you are using Suddenlink Home Security and plan to move to a state where service is not available, you may be held liable for the remaining balance you owe on your account or a cancellation fee depending on how long you have been with Suddenlink itself.


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