Slomin’s offers families and businesses a wide range of commercial and residential security systems as well as residential heating oil delivery service, gas equipment, water tanks and yard equipment. Slomin’s currently has a corporate headquarters in Hicksville, New York. The company primarily services the mid-Atlantic region with a limited service range in other states. While they claim to have been in business for 90 years, it wasn’t until recently that they started selling home security systems.

In the 1980s, during a period of fuel deregulation, Slomin’s began offering home security systems and has since risen to become the largest privately owned home security company in the United States. While they can be noted as an experienced business, they were not originally a home security company. The fact that they have a long track record doesn’t equate to being reliable. Consider a home security company that specializes in home security, and has since the start.

Long Contract Lengths

Slomin’s requires a much longer contract than that of most other home security companies. It is common to see monthly monitoring contracts at 36-months in length. However, Slomin’s requires you to sign a 60 month contract, which is two years more than you would need to be under contract at any other reputable security company. 24 extra months of paying for services that apparently aren’t even reliable is a long time to waste money and time on a security company that is more interested in money than your safety.

Monitoring Costs Are High

Slomin’s charges a lot for monitoring, compared to their competitors. They offer landline monitoring, which is generally the least expensive, at a whopping $30.95 a month. That’s a fairly high cost for monitoring that’s considered out-dated and easy to bypass. This cost is also high when considering the lock-in contract time of 5 years, among the longest in the industry. Slomin’s also offers cellular monitoring, like all other home security companies in the industry, but it will cost you an extra $10 a month in addition to the landline monitoring. In essence you’ll end up paying about $40 a month. Oh and also, there’ll be a fee of $200 to install the cellular device. Yikes!

Protect America offers various types of monitoring for affordable prices including landline monitoring, for those of you who want to utilize your landline and save a little extra money every month on a basic monitoring plan. Protect America’s copper package provides simple landline monitoring for an affordable $19.99 a month, over ten dollars less than what Slomin’s charges. Protect America also provides free equipment in addition to purchasing monitoring.

The Package, and What’s Not Included

Like their national competitors, Slomin’s offers a package including:

  • Napco Control Panel with Keypad
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 3 Door/Window sensors
  • 1 Indoor Siren

Additional hardware that can be added for additional pricing :

  • Integrated Smoke / Fire Detector : $159.95
  • Temperature Monitoring (Alerts on High Heat or Cold) : $74.99
  • CO (Carbon Monoxide) Detector: $244.95
  • Flood / High Water Detector: $179.95
  • Keypad for an Additional Entrance: $174.95
  • Door / Window sensor $80.99
  • Keyfob for disabling / enabling the alarm: $99.95

Evidently, their advertised prices can skyrocket quickly when adding the security devices needed to protect your entire home. The base package is only a start.

Reviews and the Bottom Line

A former employee and customer had this to say about Slomin’s:

If you are looking for security don’t allow these people any place near your home. The owner cares about one thing – employing his friends. I switched to a different company and now I can control my doors, lights and my alarm. I worked at Slomins for 2 yrs and didn’t even know an alarm system could do these things.

Additionally, there are an overwhelming amount of consumer reviews criticizing Slomin’s business ethics, sales tactics, less than poor customer service, and inflated prices. Sometimes you just need more than what a family-owned business can provide. Protect America’s home security packages provide the equipment necessary to protect your entire home for a fraction of the cost of Slomin’s monthly fees. Give yourself the peace of mind your deserve by choosing Protect America, the simple, affordable and reliable home security company.