Finding useful surveillance camera reviews can be a little complicated for research minded consumers. The biggest issue with finding suitable reviews for surveillance cameras is that traditional outlets, like consumer advocacy publications, don’t typically cover the home security industry. Most reviews for surveillance cameras can be found on popular Internet shopping sites.

Consumer Reports: Best Surveillance Cameras

Customers understandably trust quality product review publications like Consumer Reports. In operation since 1936, Consumer Reports is one of the most highly respected consumer advocacy and product review publications in existence. Such organizations operate their own independent budgets to maintain objectivity from the companies and products they review. As a products reviewer, Consumer Reports doesn’t usually cover home security products because their performance is often tied to the quality of the security service provider.

Surveillance Camera Reviews

While customers can easily find surveillance camera reviews, quality can be a major issue. Happy customers rarely review products on third party websites. There is also no guarantee that a specific review was written by an actual owner of the product being reviewed. One underutilized resource for surveillance camera information are internet forums that discuss a range of electronics. These forums will post detailed commentary of particular surveillance camera models but finding reviews for specific products is rare.

Affordable Surveillance Cameras

The best surveillance camera will balance affordability with quality and performance. Security cameras from Protect America strike this balance while offering the latest technology. One amazing feature that is widely appealing is interactive access, which gives customers the power to view their live video feed from almost anywhere in the world. Customers also have the ability to control their camera’s movements remotely. The surveillance cameras offered by Protect America also have motion activation that starts recording whenever movement is detected.