Every company has a unique backstory. For Swann Home Security, they started in founder David Swann’s basement in Melbourne, Australia.

After being founded in 1987 the company has grown to have offices in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK, Hong Kong, and China. They’re now in over 40 countries and six different continents.

Swann is a part of the Infinova Group, a partnership that allows them manufacturing, research and development to expand their international network.


In 2014 the brand was ranked the world’s largest manufacturer of DIY video surveillance equipment by the World Market for Consumer and DIY Video Surveillance Equipment.

Swann is largely known for selling their products in large brick and mortar stores and online retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Dixons, Screwfix, and many others.

Swann is global, and the award in 2014 stands out, but in the field of home security systems, their company is relatively quiet otherwise. Is this system worth your investment?

What You Get

Swann offers a plethora of products, and since they aren’t exclusive to home security, they cover businesses as well. They have different bundles for different sets of needs, including wired and wireless options.

Through their SwannOne connected home solution customers can automate much of their home, including video surveillance, alarms, locks, lights, sound alerts, temperature, energy management, and others by simply downloading the SwannOne app and using it via smartphone or tablet.

Customers can also customize the product and add professional on-demand monitoring, cloud video recording, and sound alerts, among other additional tools.

Swann does offer outdoor and WiFi camera options, and equipment can be purchased individually if customers don’t want to opt for the bundles. Swann even has unique feature that allows customers to “set and forget,” which means cameras will be set to record continuously with up to four cameras for 60 days on a 500 gig hard drive.

But likely the best perk of the SwannOne system, they offer lifetime support with free 24/7 customer service. 

There’s Some Problems

From the outset Swann seems to be a DIY company with most of the features of others on the market, but the first thing to note with Swann is the lack of reviews online. The website itself didn’t feature any customer feedback and it was difficult to find much general information on the product.

Swann also seems to be heavily geared towards businesses and the international market, since they do have the partnership with Infinova for international markets.


The company does have a lot of different product offerings, but navigating the website is quite a challenge. The website is confusing and knowing the different packages and what would come with them was hard to figure out.

Like we mentioned above, since it was difficult to understand the package breakdowns, this also made it difficult to understand how expensive the product would actually turn out once everything was accounted for. The SwannOne smart hub alone is $200, and most packages seemed to range between $250 and $700. Products can also be purchased independently so if you’re mix and matching then the price can go up. You can also attach monitoring to your unit to ensure that emergency responders will be present in case of an event, but that will add cost as well.

Overall, Swann seems to have a decent product offering and they’ve been around for a good amount of time, but we suggest opting for a company that has more of a reputation locally, rather than in the international market.