Swann is a security company that offers a line of do-it-yourself surveillance products for small businesses and homes. They also sell toy remote control helicopters, for those of you who were wondering. Their Wireless Home Alarm System kit is self-monitored and sold by a number of major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Staples, and Best Buy. While the idea behind the DIY system makes sense, some of its features – or lack thereof – do not.


What it has – and what it doesn’t

Swann products come with a 12-month warranty on most items. Some items may qualify for a 6-month warranty extension, giving you a total of 18-months covered. What happens after their warranty expires? Consider a home security company that’s invested in your long-term safety. At Protect America, you will receive free equipment with a lifetime warranty.

The Swann Wireless Home Alarm System comes with 2 motion detectors, 2 window/door sensors, a siren, a control unit, 2 keypad remote controls, and 8 window stickers. This is generally okay for a very small dwelling such as a studio apartment, but a house with multiple rooms and stories is going to need more coverage. If you live in a small apartment or house, a security addition for around $100 might seem like a deal. You can get Swann security cameras, but you have to upgrade to a different package. However, Swann is missing the conventional aspects of a home security system. It lacks:

  • glass break sensors
  • monitoring
  • exterior surveillance
  • smoke alarms
  • carbon monoxide detectors
  • video cameras (available in other packages)

Monitoring doors and windows with glass break sensors can give you the advantage of knowing and acting before someone steps foot in your home. Wouldn’t you prefer your security system preventing a burglary rather than interrupting one?

A recent customer reported problems trying to customize the Swann Wireless Home Alarm System:

The manual (page 14) says you can add additional sensors to this system, but in fact this is not true because neither Swann (nor any third party that I can find) sells additional sensors for this system. (Swann sells other door/window sensors, but they can not be used with this wireless system.) So if you want to protect more than 2 doors and windows, you can’t. It’s difficult to imagine a house with only 2 doors + windows. Additionally, one of the sensors did not work when I received it, leaving me with only one door/window sensor. I recommend finding yourself another system with more capabilities.

Consider a company that will custom fit your security needs, like Protect America. You can easily integrate additional equipment to protect your home and family with any of our systems. At Protect America, every package is easily customizable while still maintaining the simplicity and affordability of a DIY system.

Who’s monitoring your home and family?

Consider using a professionally monitored security system to safeguard your home and family, such as Protect America. It is important to remember that the Swann home security system is a closed system, meaning it is unmonitored. If there is a break-in, you’re on your own to call for help. With professionally monitored home security systems, you’re providing yourself with a higher level of security.


Easy to Defeat

While the Swann Wireless Alarm System offers motion detection and spot protection, it will not stop a burglar from entering your home. In fact, there is no auto-dial feature with this alarm kit. What’s the point of a home security system if it won’t even notify you of an intrusion? A recent reviewer had this to say:

The drawback is how easy it is to defeat – the siren plugs into the keypad and the keypad has an AC connection to the wall. Unplug either and the siren stops. It is great as an intruder alert when you are home but when you are away its value drops. It is a fair deterrent, as most want-to-be thieves will run away when the siren goes off. A more dedicated one may poke around for a second or two and, if the keypad is right near the door (as the installation instructions instruct), will laughingly unplug it and go about the business of stealing your stuff.

There are a number of consumer reviews reporting experience with this line of products. This recent review shed some light on the hazards of a cheap home security system:

This system looked great on the website, but when it arrived I was less than impressed. All the parts looked to be ok and the setup appeared to be easy enough, but I didn’t even proceed setting it up once I saw how the power and siren connect to the base unit. All you have to do to defeat it is unplug them from the base as you would unplug your headphones from an iPod. Also noticed reading the manual that there is no entry delay, so if you don’t use the remote, you have to go in with the siren and disarm on the keypad while the siren is wailing in your face!

If you’re looking for a home security system designated to secure your home, you’ve got better options. At Protect America, we offer simple, customizable, and affordable home security solutions to perfectly fit your needs.