Swann security systems are marketed to both home and small business owners as an affordable option for security. These surveillance systems are not monitored, but provide recordings of any events that occur when the system is activated, which you, in turn, can see via the easy-to-use app. Let’s take a look at the home application of their surveillance systems and learn more about the features and the benefits that they provide.


Top Features and Benefits of a Swann Surveillance System for Home Use

Swann’s equipment is very well known and respected throughout the home security industry. Their images are sharper and the app and DVR features are simple, straightforward and easy to use. In fact, there are some great benefits to the Swann system including:

  • Cameras of the highest quality, provide clear images both during the day and at night
  • Easy installation and activation of the system and the DVR technology
  • Operate via motion detectors to save battery life and money
  • Self-contained DVR system that provides a record of any activity should you need it for a police investigation or insurance claim

How the System Works

Simply install the four surveillance cameras outside of your home to ensure that there are no gaps in the coverage that the cameras provide. Ideally, the cameras will provide a 360-degree view of the area surrounding your home.

Once your equipment is installed and the DVR feature is activated, simply connect your system to the app on your preferred device. The SwannView app is easy to navigate and is quite user-friendly. In the event that there is an incident on your property you just download the footage onto a flash drive for safe keeping.

We find that the camera quality is better than a lot of the other equipment on the market, and the interface is pretty easy to use. Overall, the cameras do exactly as they claim to, and the entire system is simple and straightforward, even for non-tech-savvy users.

Looking for Something More Full-Service?

Overall, while high in quality and performance, the Swann’s system is fairly limited. Yes, you can monitor your property via the app and your device, but there are no alerts or warnings provided if someone enters your home. We think that if you are concerned enough to purchase and install surveillance cameras, it makes more sense to have a full-service security system.

When the safety of your house and your family are on the line, most DIY and surveillance equipment falls short. What if there is an event at your home that renders you unable to call for help? A monitored system will send you an alert and automatically notify the police and emergency service providers if you do not deactivate the system within the required time frame.


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