Swann is a well-known and highly regarded home and business security company that offers home owners “DIY” monitoring equipment for their homes. Swann also provides home automation products so you can control your home from afar, which includes disarming and arming your alarm, locking your doors, turning off the lights, changing your thermostat’s temperature and more using the SwannOne app. Swann’s cameras are high quality, which makes them more expensive. This is something to consider, as cameras alone won’t give you the same protection as professionally monitored security.


Simple DIY Setup

Swann’s security systems are designed to be installed by the home owner. Each kit provides manuals to help with DIY installation, and you can access instructional videos online. Swann also provides phone support around the clock.

Top-of-the-line Camera Quality

Swann’s cameras are triggered to record video footage when they detect motion. The specs include:

  • Night vision for indoor and outdoor cameras so that you can view captured footage no matter how dark it is. With its 24 infrared LEDs that switch on automatically, your camera’s video quality will never be compromised, even when capturing moving objects.
  • Camera resolution at 1080p HD, with full color in the daytime.
  • A 120 degree angle field of view.
  • Lighting adjusts on its own when activity is captured up close, enabling facial features to be distinguished instead of washed out.

Motion Detection

This self-monitoring system works by detecting motion in your home and triggering the alarm when the system is armed. However, you’ll have to be able to access your mobile device if anything happens, in order to view the potential threat through the camera and respond accordingly. Regarding self-monitoring security camera systems, the Wall Street Journal pointed out:

“What to do with all that video? To track down criminals, some people have handed it over to police, or even just posted clips directly to the Internet, vigilante-style. It might also help in the event you catch it live: a San Francisco police spokesman told me that people who observe a burglary in progress receive a higher priority than calls after the fact.”

Local and Cloud-Based Storage

When motion is detected, the camera starts recording instantly, capturing a video clip. These clips are stored locally for 7 days before they’re automatically deleted. You can also access footage from the past 2 days on the cloud through Swann’s mobile app. For 30 days of cloud storage, you can sign up for Swann’s ExtraSafe plan.

Higher Costs for Higher Quality

The good news about Swann’s pricing is that they have basic systems at a lower price range you can choose from, as well as state of the art systems with high price tags. If you’re interested in their basic, entry-level alarm system, you’re looking at paying a one-time fee of $150. In spite their high prices, Swann security only offers a 12 month warranty on their products. This doesn’t make a lot of sense, since a home security system is something you buy to invest in long-term safety.


Lacks Professional Monitoring

Swann may offer impressive technology for do-it-yourself home security, but a self monitoring system can’t replace home security companies such as Protect America that give you 24/7 professional monitoring. When you’re not with your phone, you’re on a plane or you’re simply asleep, how are you going to respond to an alert from your mobile device? Professionally monitored security ensures your system doesn’t miss a beat.

Protect America: Home Security You Can Trust

Protect America takes the pressure off of the home owner with fully monitored security. Instead of depending on alerts on your phone, you can be sure Protect America will take action when your home alarm goes off. Our rates are as low as $30 a month and we provide free equipment worth up to $1,400. We even install your system for free! If you’re interested in better home security, call and get a free quote from Protect America.