What comes to mind when we say “T-Mobile”? Cell phones, right? What if we told you that T Mobile can protect your home along with your cell phone? You may laugh at the thought, it is happening right now. Just like all cell phone carriers, T-Mobile is moving forward with their technology to keep up with the ever-changing world. How exactly does security with your cell phone carrier work? Protect America went on the case. Here is what we found:

  • T-Mobile uses Nest for its Security
  • T-Mobile Uses it for Back-Up for Your Phone


T-Mobile uses Nest for its Security

T-Mobile itself does not have a known security system. On November tenth of 2017, T-Mobile Nest launched a security pack in all T-Mobile stores everywhere. This monthly plans only costs $240 down and $10 per month on T-Mobile’s Equipment Installment Plan. Cellular backup and Nest Aware service are also included for $10, $5 after bill credit. What is in this security pack? The features include:

  • The Nest Secure alarm system
  • A Nest Guard base with keypad, motion detector, alarm and cellular backup service
  • Two Nest Detect motion and open/close sensors
  • Two Nest Tag key fobs
  • Nest Cam Indoor security camera with Nest Aware service, providing intelligent alerts and 10 days of continuous video recording

There is no passcode required to operate the system. If you forget to arm the house, there is a feature called Get Remind Me that alerts you to your phone or tablet. But wait, there more. Nest Secure for T-Mobile has more features for that extra security. The Nest Guard buttons has three security levels alarm off, home and guarding, away and guarding. An info button, keypad, and panic buttons are included.

Motion sensing has a ninety degree field of view to ten feet. Proximity sensing is wake on approach.  Service include tamper detection that works for jamming and movement. Nest Detect is not too heavy either. Without the cable, the device weighs nine ounces. With 3.7 inches in diameter and 2.1 inches in height with a cable length of six feet, Nest Detect will be easy to work with. The same thing goes for the Open-Close Magnet.


Measurements include 0.35 ounces in weight, 1.3 inches in height, 0.4 inches in width, and 0.4 inches in depth. Both the Nest Detect and the Open-close Magnet has motion sensing has a fifty-four degree field of view up to fifteen feet away, magnet sensor, and tamper detection. Want more security? The NestCam is also available to protect the home 24/7, giving you peace of mind when you are not there.

T-Mobile Uses it for Back-Up for Your Phone

This security pack is designed to remain on guard at all times. With a built-in battery backup and T-Mobile cellular backup, if the power and/or Wi-Fi goes out, your home will stay protected because the T-Mobile network will kick in and give you peace of mind. The backup battery will last for twelve hours and is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Battery needed for the Nest Detect is CR123 and you only needed one of them. Tom von Reichbauer, Chief Business Officer at Nest said,

We designed Nest Secure to be modular and remain on guard to give people the confidence and peace of mind that it will always be working, even if there’s a power or Wi-Fi outage. With its reliable and continuously expanding LTE footprint, T-Mobile provides that critical cellular backup connection.

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