The Nest Secure is a smart home security system with an easy installation process. One of the major negatives about smart home security system however was the $499 price tag. This month, Nest has knocked 20% off the original price for the Secure system, dropping by $100 to the new price of $399. Although still not considered cheap by competition standards, they have also lowered the price for additional equipment as well.


The lower MSRP is now available at all major retailers such as Nest, Best Buy and B&H. The system still includes the Guard keypad, hub, two Nest Detect sensors and two Nest Tag fobs. The Detect units can be placed on windows or doors so the system can monitor if they’re opened and also alert of any nearby movement. The Nest Tags allow you to arm and disarm the security system by tapping on the Guard keypad. If you prefer to use a smartphone, the Nest app can also be used to arm or disarm the Secure system for anywhere. The app also receives notifications about events that may be detected while you’re away.

Necessary Additions

Even with the high price tag, the Nest Secure system is still fairly incomplete. To properly protect your home, you will likely need to purchase additional equipment. While Nest as lowered the cost of the additional devices, it’s still not cheap. The additional Detect units saw a $10 price drop from $59 to $49. Purchasing a Nest security camera will also be required to actually see and record what is going on sense the Secure system does not include a camera.

There is also an added fee if you want Secure to have a cellular data backup solution in case your Wi-Fi network has problems. Best Buy currently offers a bundle that includes one of the Nest outdoor cams with the Secure for $498. Chris Welch from The Verge explains,

“If you want additional Nest Detects to cover every possible entryway into your house — most people have more than one door and single window to worry about…these devices really just cover alerts for break-ins; if you want to see and record those who enter your home, you’ll need to add Nest’s video cameras to the cost here.”


Unfortunately, if you want to be able to re-watch and record footage with your camera, the costs don’t stop there.  A Nest Aware subscription is required for video history and continuous recording. Nest offers three different subscription options based on price and needs.  All three options offer 24/7 continuous recording, alerts, time-lapse and activity zones. Where they differ are the length of video history and cost.

  • 5-day video history subscription:  $5 a month or $50 a year
  • 10-day video history subscription: $10 a month or $100 a year
  • 30-day video history subscription: $30 a month or $300 a year



While a price reduction for the Nest Secure system seems like a great thing, it was more of a way to catch up with the competition. Ring has just released the Ring Alarm system which offers essentially the same protection for only a third of the price. This trend of DIY security systems likes to promote a one-time fee or no monthly cost, when that usually isn’t the case at all. To properly protect your home, professional monitoring as well as unlimited recording storage is necessary.

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