Time Warner Cable is a trusted name in the telecommunications and mass media industry. This is partly why the name persists even after Charter Communications purchased the cable pioneer in 2016. Since its founding in 1962, Time Warner Cable continued to extend its offerings beyond cable television in response to market changes. The company’s main product categories included cable television, phone, internet and home security by the time that it was acquired by Charter. Its wireless home security and management system is called IntelligentHome, and here are a few of its main features and benefits.


Security and Safety Sensors and Alarms

The heart of every good home security system is arguably its intrusion detection devices. They are often the first line of defense for a home that is targeted by a common burglar or a ruthless home invasion robber. The IntelligentHome system has security sensors for windows and doors as well as glass break detectors that are linked to the system’s alarm. Time Warner designed IntelligentHome to be a comprehensive home management system and not just a security system. Here are some of its other home management devices.

When these detectors are triggered, you can receive alerts on your personal mobile device of choice through IntelligentHome’s mobile app.

Video Capture and Playback

IntelligentHome’s security cameras and video surveillance equipment deliver an extra layer of convenience and peace of mind. The system incorporates indoor and outdoor cameras that provide clear views of the happenings in and around your home. With IntelligentHome, you can choose which areas of your house that you want to put under surveillance. These video cameras can help you to keep tabs on your baby from another room or to capture the movements of would-be intruders. Prior to its acquisition by Charter Communication, Time Warner developed new functionality for its video capture and playback features. Instead of users playing back short video clips and snapshots of video capture, they can now view uninterrupted video recordings of up to 10 continuous days. This means that you can go on vacation and still stay in the know about happenings at home during your absence.

Energy Management

According to findings published by Energias Market Research,

One of the factors driving growth in the global home automation market is efficient energy management.

IntelligentHome helps you to manage your home’s energy consumption through automated tools. The results are measurable cost savings and increased comfort. These benefits are right at your fingertips when you employ the IntelligentHome system’s smart climate and lighting control appliances. Within IntelligentHome, programmable thermostats intuitively anticipate your needs and make adjustments automatically. This eliminates unnecessary energy consumption and delivers climate control only when you need it. The system incorporates the same energy-efficient concept for your lighting and home appliance needs. Included lamp and appliance adapters allow you to stay in control of how lights and other home appliances are used within your residence. Accidentally left the bathroom lights on? It’s no problem. You can turn them off from anywhere via the system’s mobile app on your iPhone or Android device.


Five-Diamond Monitoring Service

The difference between a professionally monitored security system and a do-it-yourself unmonitored one can literally be life or death. However, all monitoring services are not created equally. The Monitoring Association (TMA) is the de facto regulatory agency for home security monitoring services. Top monitoring service providers that meet TMA’s stringent standards can earn the association’s Five Diamond designation. Five Diamond monitoring service providers undergo periodic operational audits, maintain certified staff members and raise the standards within the industry by participating in TMA-sponsored functions. IntelligentHome’s monitoring service holds the Five Diamond designation.

Final Thoughts

Time Warner Cable’s IntelligentHome is a home security management system that links home protection and automation products with a top-rated monitoring service. Currently, the system is only available to the company’s existing internet customers and is treated as an add-on service. If you bundle the company’s internet and home security services with television or phone packages, you’ll receive a monthly discounted rate for IntelligentHome. While the costs of IntelligentHome’s equipment and monitoring service are comparable to other premium home security providers, the service isn’t available nationwide yet. Customers, who move to non-service areas before their 36-month contracts are up, pay heavy early termination fees. Still weighing your home security system options? Contact Protect America for more information about smart home security systems that flexibly fit your lifestyle.