Time Warner Cable (TWC) is an American cable telecom company and remains the second largest provider of cable broadband in the United States. Time Warner’s home security system, Intelligent Home, was announced nationally in 2013. Consider the relationship you have with your cable company. Now, consider the idea of giving them even more control of your life. It is unsettling at the very least.

Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon

Deciding which security company to protect your home is a process that involves research and comparison. Would you expect the best quality sports equipment from Walmart? Or would you expect something better from a specialty sporting goods retailer? The same notion applies with home security.

Why should you choose a system from a company that doesn’t even specialize in home security? Protect America specializes in affordable and simple home security options. Check out one of Protect America’s customizable packages today!

Focused on profit rather than protection

Time Warner Cable is a publicly held corporation, meaning stockholders own them rather than having one or a few owners. Because of this, Time Warner Cable is focused on increasing profit rather than customer service. One way they do this is by increasing your monthly monitoring or Internet rates mid-contract. At Protect America, you are guaranteed locked-in rates for the life of your agreement.

Beware of all the hidden costs

To be qualified for TWC’s Intelligent Home system, you must subscribe to the company’s broadband Internet service. Many customers have complained about Time Warner’s unclear advertising and bundling packages. The standard installation fee is $99. Packages start at $99 with an additional $33.99 per month not including additional equipment you might need. And that $33.99 per month could double if you need to upgrade your Internet service. What is advertised to be affordable might end up costing you an arm and a leg. In contrast, Protect America offers free equipment with a limited lifetime warranty.

Low customer satisfaction, high prices

Your experience with your cable company probably isn’t great. You aren’t alone.  In fact, saying that people dislike dealing with cable companies is an understatement. According to American Consumer Satisfaction Rankings Time Warner Cable has the second lowest customer satisfaction standing in any industry in America, worse than even airlines, health insurance companies and gas stations. ACSI says that “high monthly costs and problems with both reliability and speed are the main culprits” behind the appalling customer satisfaction rating.

Take our advice and think twice

If you are an existing Time Warner Cable customer it might seem convenient to bundle Intelligent Home into your existing account. However, we encourage you to consider another option. A technician must install your system as well as each additional item, unlike Protect America’s simple, free, and guided DIY installation method. While Time Warner certainly appeals to the masses, they seem more interested in grabbing your cash than securing your home.