The top ten security systems for 2019 mirror the products and services offered that top the list for 2018. You are probably interested in shopping for a high quality system that meets all your requirements for budget, ease of use, effectiveness/reliability and features. Each system has their ups and downs like most things in life, but this top ten list for security systems to use in 2019 should help you make a pretty good decision as a consumer armed with some information about each company or provider. Protect America also makes the list as a provider of services and help with DIY installations, as well as providing customers with a wide range of goods and services from many types of manufacturers and developers (software). Call Protect America to see what they can do for you as a home or business owner who needs security or surveillance systems for 2019.

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Frontpoint provides a great deal of products but they are on the list because they have really good customer service, according to several rankings like the one on this site. Frontpoint is considered a leader in home security and surveillance products to boot. If you want to learn more about what Frontpoint offers, research their company and look for reviews online to see what users say. Customer service alone shouldn’t sway you. You have other needs or wants to consider in buying your home security system.


Vivint is also a leader in home security products and services. So what do the ranks and reviews say about Vivint? They offer products and services that are mainly under their own manufacture and design so they are familiar with what they carry. They also offer a full range of high quality home automation products. Reviews suggest these products work well in a lot of different types of environments in the home or office, even outdoors.


ADT is one of the more well-known security providers out there. They constantly run TV commercials to promote their products and services, which mostly consists of monitoring. That is their main specialty, though they do provide a full range of products to their customers. They are a household name and have been serving customers for more than 100 years. Franchises can be tricky depending on your area, so it is recommended to work with them directly at the corporate level.


SimpliSafe also comes in high in the rankings and will likely perform just as well in 2019. If you are looking for good home security on a limited budget then you should check with SimpliSafe because they are known for this strategy in their business. They want to offer low prices on a variety of products for home security. There are plenty available too and many more will soon follow in 2019.

Protect America

Of course, we don’t have many bad things to say about ourselves, but this is supposed to be an unbiased review, so we can say that others know we offer very good packages to rural customers. Many rural customers do not live near a security company or one that is reliable. They can often get the products at big box retailers but struggle with finding a montoring service. That’s where we come in. Call our experts for DIY installation help!


Brinks Home Security

Brinks is yet another household name. Compare them with ADT. Reviews say that they use Livewatch’s equipment and Moni’s “best-in-class” monitoring.

Link Interactive

This company is known for customization. No predefined packages here. Build as you want and get a custom package.


With Armorax, you can pay as your budget allows, an option that is aptly called pay as you go. This is great for those on a budget or have changing needs. Armorax offers flexibility and responsiveness to need.

Nest Secure

Nest is a newcomer but known for both quality and hi tech features. The integrations will be worth considering as this company grows with the larger tech companies.


Scout is also a newcomer but one to watch in 2019. BestCompany describes Scout by stating;

Those looking for a system that is simple and straightforward with a monitoring subscription will find that Scout meets many of their needs. However, the only thing that appears to separate Scout Alarm from a traditional home security company is the lack of a long-term contract.

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