If you don’t have a home security system now, or are considering an upgrade of your existing system, 2018 is the time to make that move. How necessary are home security systems?

According to Statistic Brain, only 15 percent of homes in the U.S. have home security systems while 60 percent of attempted burglaries on homes equipped with alarms are unsuccessful. Here’s the other kicker, the mere presence of a home security system is enough to give 60 percent of convicted burglars pause while causing 40 percent to select another target.

While everyone wants to focus time and attention on finding the top home security systems, the focus should be on features rather than systems. These are the top five features you should demand when purchasing a home security system for your home in 2018.


1. High Definition Video Cameras

It isn’t always necessary to focus your attention in the newest and shiniest security camera on the market, but this is one home security system component you don’t want to cut corners with. It can be the single most instrumental resource you have for identifying and prosecuting people who break into your home. In fact, you might want to take your time to find a security camera that offers the following features at minimum:

  • Crystal clear HD resolution
  • Audio
  • Night vision
  • Battery backup
  • Remote viewing
  • Optical zoom

Don’t forget to consider things like durability and life expectancy. Compare the specs and the costs of several different cameras to find the one that offers the right blend of features and costs and make that camera the cornerstone of your home security system.

2. Automation Capabilities

The modern home is all about convenience and automation. The more you can automate your home security system, the easier it becomes to use and the more useful it becomes to you.

In fact, the expectation is that with the automation of home security, the 15 percent of American homes having home security systems mentioned above will grow, substantially.

How much so?

The New York Times suggests that “By 2020, the number of people using smart security is expected to swell to over 22 million from nearly 3 million users in 2014.”

However, automation does, create vulnerabilities you need to be aware of. The first vulnerability is the actual setting up of the system. No security system will do you any good if it remains sitting in its box unused.

Next, you should consider the vulnerability that networks present. While we’re not talking about a Skynet situation where the network attempts to take over the world, we are discussing a situation where hackers gain access to your home by remote, which is why 24/7 monitoring is an absolute must for your home security system – especially if you are using home automation in the process.

3. 24/7 Monitoring

Failing to get monitoring for your home security system is like failing to buy insurance for your home. When the storms come, and they inevitably do, you have no real protection behind the equipment you’ve invested in.

Deterrents are great. They do serve important purposes when it comes to prevention. However, only 40 percent of burglars are actually convinced to move on by the presence of surveillance and security equipment. This means 60 percent will continue in their attempts to rob your home.

Continuous monitoring is another line of defense that helps apprehend offenders by notifying law enforcement when you’re not home to do so. It’s like having another set of eyes dedicated to safeguarding your property and your family.


4. Adjustable Motion Sensing

Motion sensing is an important feature of most home security systems. However, you don’t want to have systems so sensitive that Fido or Felix sets it off while prowling the house at night. The ability to adjust the motion sensing features of your home security system prevents false alarms while ensuring you have adequate protection for your home.

5. User Friendly

Perhaps the most important feature of any home security system is that it is user friendly. If you have difficulty setting the alarm, chances are you simply won’t do it. That means you’ve made an investment in something that is completely worthless for your home and your family. Many modern home security systems offer smartphone access, making them extremely user-friendly. Consider this when choosing your home security system.

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