Home security is one of the most important aspects of owning or renting a home and it is a topic that so few people actually take the time to consider. With the vast majority of property crime occurring to homes that are not properly secured, it only makes sense to take a moment in order to find a home alarm company that can help out. Today, our discussion is going to be centered on finding the best home alarm companies in the United States to take care of the home security of homeowners everywhere. We are going to list several different companies while also detailing all of the pros and cons that can potentially make them effective and impactful. Let’s jump right into the discussion without any further delay.


Finding The Best Home Alarm Company

The idea of having a home security system may feel paranoid, at least at first. However, taking some time to research just how prevalent property crime and home burglaries are can be more than a little bit illuminating. According to the Department Of Justice, more than 2 million home burglaries are reported every single year within the confines of the United States. That is an eye-popping number that should do little to make homeowners feel safe and secure. According to further research:

Homes without security systems, according to statistics, are more than 300% more likely to be the victim of a burglaries or home break in than their secured counterparts. This number further cements just how important home security systems actually are.

While we can discuss home security statistics all day, what we really need to do is discuss what homeowners need to look for out of a professional home alarm company. Let’s go ahead and break down the traditional home security company into three important sectors. Use these sectors as a guideline when pursuing a potential home alarm company.

  • Contracted Rates – The first question that most people will ask in relation to home security will typically revolve around pricing. There are countless home alarm companies around and their rates can range dramatically.
  • Installation Fees – This is a great way to find out which home alarm companies want to help you and which home alarm companies just want to earn some money off of you. The most respectable home alarm companies won’t ever charge any installation fees.
  • Equipment Options – Finally, when securing a home it is important to look at the potential equipment that is being used. The best home alarm companies will have access to cutting-edge equipment that is easy to install and easier to operate.

Now that we’ve highlighted a few important ways to identify quality home alarm companies, we can shift our discussion toward highlight two of the most respectable home alarm companies in the industry.

Rest Easy With ADT Home Security

One of the most decorated home security companies in the nation is ADT. ADT is the largest home alarm company in the United States and for a pretty good reason.  ADT is widely renown for having access to some of the nicest, most automated home security options in the industry. Homeowners will be granted access to wireless camera systems, intercoms, and alarm sensors on all major entry points. Additionally, ADT is highly regarded for the sheer volume of different home security options available.


With that being said, ADT does struggle in some aspects when being compared to Protect America, up next on our list. ADT is listed at a higher price for a majority of their services and they are also less graceful when it comes to wiping out installation fees. Still, ADT has a great product at a good price and they are always in consideration for homeowners searching out home security companies to partner with.

Protect America Provides Affordable Home Security Systems

We’re closing out our discussion by highlighting the value that Protect America can offer customers. As the 14th largest home security company in the country, Protect America is growing at a rapid rate. The company offers price matching guarantees on all of their services and they additionally offer completely free installation services with no fees, ever. A free estimate can be had by customers simply by navigating to their website and contacting Protect America.