Simply turning on the local news can be a frightening lesson. It seems like every single day there is more and more news of local break-ins and property crime. This is not meant to be a fact that scares people, more a fact that warns people to be hyper-aware of the reality of life as a property-owning individual. Whether a person owns a home or a business, safety and security should always sit paramount on their minds. This means that taking security seriously is a priority which puts our focus today on finding the top home security systems available on the market. There are seemingly countless ways to arm and secure a property and the majority of them are probably decent enough choices. Today, however, we are going to highlight the truly best options available.


Purchasing Home Security The Right Way

When it comes time to shop for a home security system, customers need to take a long and hard look at what they are trying to do with their property. While the bones of all security systems are similar to one another, the way that they are applied is dramatically different. Homeowners and business owners alike need to pay attention to their own special and specific needs. Let us take a moment to outline how a person should start their shopping in order to make sure that they step away with the right product.

The majority of home security systems rely on three central products: door and window sensors, security cameras, and a wireless controller. Any system that offers these three benefits can be a system that is worth building on.

So, in order to build the perfect security system for our specific property, we need to take a moment to look at what is available to us. We start by looking at our property and taking time to assess with it a few simple questions:

  • What kind of powered network am I running? 3G? WiFi? Bluetooth?
  • How large is my property and how exhaustively do I want to have it covered?
  • Do I want to pay a monthly fee in order to have professional monitoring services?
  • How advanced do I want my home security equipment?

Once these questions are all answered, customers can start to really dig through the different market options available to them. Take a moment to roll these questions around before moving on to the next section. Once that is done, it is time to start picking a company.

Top Home Security Options for 2018

We now understand that there are a variety of different ways to address our home security system options. We largely want to focus on high-quality companies that can answer and offer solutions to all of the questions we asked above. We are going to trim the fat and focus on just three different security systems during our analysis: ADT, Protect America, and Vivint. With the three options introduced, let us break them down individually.

ADT is the first option that we are going to discuss. ADT is a legacy company that has been around for generations. ADT is well-regarded as one of the top home security monitoring companies in the world. They offer exhaustive professional monitoring services to go along with quality equipment. The downside to ADT is that they are pricey and their monthly services are exorbitant for smaller homes.

Vivint is a middle of the road home security company that is revered by customers for their ability to offer affordable home security solutions. Of course, Vivint struggles to be competitive with a lack of high-quality equipment. Vivint also struggles to be as flexible as our final offering.

Protect America is probably our favorite home security monitoring service available. Protect America has high-quality equipment, network options and flexibility, and affordable monitoring services. Protect America offers price-matching and fixed-rate contracts as well as a lifetime warranty on equipment. 


Finding the Protect America Advantage.

It is clear to see that we like Protect America as our top option for home security. Customers looking to get a free estimate are only a few button clicks away from turning their home security around. Protect America has a wide selection of equipment, flexibility with installation (DIY vs Professional) and their customer service is highly regarded throughout the industry.