Home security is no joke and thankfully there are many options available to us. Home security systems are trending in a positive direction thanks to the advent of many technological advances. Security systems are easier than ever to purchase, install and operate. As a result, many companies are getting into the game in order to offer their own quality home security options. Today, we are going to look at a few of the top security systems on the market today. Our goal with today’s discussion will be to highlight positive features of each offering in order to help potential customers find the right system for their needs.

Top Security Systems Available In 2018

A cursory look at the internet will reveal that there are literally thousands of different security systems available for purchase. Add on to that, there are countless security companies all looking to win over customers by offering them the best of the best services for the most affordable prices. With so many companies claiming that they have the best security systems, who is actually telling the truth?

According to statistics compiled by the FBI, there are nearly 2.5 million burglaries reported every single year. According to additional reporting, only 13% of those burglaries are ever actually solved — because there is a lack of physical evidence, a problem that a reliable home security system can solve.


After doing some careful research, we’ve managed to pull together a couple of the best home security systems available on the internet today. These systems range in price and construction but they universally offer solid protection for homeowners everywhere.

Protect America – This company is definitely on the rise as they’ve been around since 1992 and are already one of the top options in the nation. Protect America has low prices and a price matching guarantee. Their services are networked via cell, landline or WiFi. Protect America offers DIY installation and up to $1,400 worth of equipment.

ADT Pulse – The core security system offered by the esteemed ADT, ADT Pulse is an effective security system for homes of all shapes and sizes. ADT has premium quality equipment but their rates are slightly higher than the other options on this list.

Brinks – Finally, we have Brinks. Brinks has great customer service and customized offerings that set up homeowners for the long-haul. Brinks is pricer than Protect America but more affordable than ADT Pulse.

Which Security System Is Best For Me?

Now that we’ve taken some time in order to highlight the top security systems available on the market, we can help to focus on what decisions need to be made in order to choose one for our home or property. While security systems all share a common thread of features and functionality, the truth is that they can be wildly disparate between one another. In order to make sure we get the right system for our property, we have to answer these questions:

  • How much space do I need to cover in my home?
  • Will I be using exterior cameras as well?
  • What video quality do I require? HD? 4K?
  • Will I also want night vision with my cameras?

These are the core questions that need to be asked before making a decision. Once readers have answered these questions, they can call up any of the security companies on our list in order to find the right system, tailored for their needs.


Secure Your Home Today With A Free Estimate From Protect America

As can no doubt be seen, there are many great home security companies all trying to stake a claim in this broadening industry. While many of these companies offer great services, few of them measure up to the work being done by the team at Protect America. Established in 1992, Protect America has quickly risen in order to become one of the top home security teams in the entire nation. Ranked 14th nationally in terms of popularity, Protect America is doing everything they can to show customers that there is high-quality, affordable home security available to them.

Right now, Protect America has several key perks to new customers seeking home security systems. Starting off, Protect America is offering completely free estimates on personalized home security packages. These security packages start at just $30 per month and they come with free installation and up to $1,400 worth of security features. With around-the-clock monitoring available, Protect America is the perfect way to secure a home in 2018.