Earlier this month Tuya Smart, a startup based in China, unveiled their new Home Security System at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. While there were countless other “ground breaking” home security and home automation products on display, Tuya stands out due to their cameras ability to differentiate between familiar and unfamiliar faces.

The Tuya Smart Home Security system consists of a hub and a variety of different sensors designed to monitor your home. In addition to the core Home Security System, Tuya Smart offers a smart doorbell capable of alerting you to the presence of a stranger at your door.

Tuya Smart has its sights set on a much larger goal than simply providing a sound option for home security hardware. Tuya claims that their facial recognition algorithms are all inclusive when it comes to hardware. In other words, their software can be installed in products made by any smart home technology manufacturer. This is just another step for Tuya Smart on their journey as the world’s leading AIoT (AI + IoT) platform provider.

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    Tuya Smart & Silicon Labs

    CES 2019 also brought about the joint announcement from Tuya Smart and Silicon Labs. Silicon Labs is a leading provider of silicon, software, and solutions designed for a smarter and more connected world. This budding partnership aims to deliver a new generation of Tuya Smart devices featuring Silicon Labs industry leading mesh networking silicon and software. The new AIoT platform made possible by the Tuya Smart-Silicon Labs partnership will help developers and OEMs cut costs and simplify IoT product design and greatly accelerate time to market.

    Silicon Labs brings 15 years of experience in mesh networking and have deployed more than 150 million nodes. Silicon Labs is also the leading supplier of Zigbee technology. “Tuya is a dynamic, fast-growing IoT innovator, and we share their vision for transforming industries and changing lives through AI+IoT platforms and smart products deployed on a global scale,” said Tyson Tuttle, CEO of Silicon Labs. “We applaud Tuya for taking the lead in delivering turnkey, production-ready smart solutions that address the real-world needs of IoT manufacturers, supply chains, e-commerce channels and retailers worldwide, and Silicon Labs are delighted to play a role in their success.”