Time Warner Cable (TWC) is a renowned communications firm offering reliable home security services. Its house monitoring plan provides various equipment packages including home automation control and video surveillance. TWC gives you unlimited home security. Here are things to consider before procuring the security system.

“Guard your home, it’s the place you go when you like and no one questions”


Contract Duration

Upon signing up for the TWC system, you get an 18 months contract. It is among the shortest private security system contracts available. Also, its monthly monitoring and startup expenses are moderate.

If you terminate your contract before it expires, you usually pay some amount. However, this doesn’t apply when one relocates to an area where the firm doesn’t offer its home security services. Besides, you should hire a professional to install the TWC equipment once you purchase it.

Moreover, if you have an existing security system in your house, and Time Warner operates within your locality, you can hire it.TWC will use your current security equipment to monitor your household.

Control Panel

TWC has an efficient touchscreen control panel which links a homeowner to a nearby emergency response center. Also, it has backup capabilities through a battery and cellular power in case of a power outage.

Moreover, while on a journey, you can monitor your home through a custom website or a free application that the company provides. Also, you also get email and text alerts if the system detects a break-in into your house. The control panel also offers you with current news and weather information.

TWC Packages

The Secure Package

It is an original package which provides little equipment including a control panel, window, and double-door sensors. Also, it offers you a glass-break or a motion sensor option. However, you can upgrade your package by buying extra equipment.

The Energy and Security Package

It comprises a motion or glass-break sensor option, two window sensors and an efficient smart thermostat. You can control them remotely. Also, adjusting your home’s daytime temperature when most of your family members are away helps in cutting down your energy bills. Also, it offers you comfort as you can alter the thermostat’s setting to be cold or warm.

The Security and Video Package

The package’s equipment resembles that of the secure, energy and security plans. However, an indoor or outdoor camera replaces the smart thermostat. It offers live video footage of your entire home. You can watch it on your phone or tablet. Moreover, it has other add-on equipment such as appliances and lamps controls, a key fob, a carbon monoxide sensor, smart door locks and a flooding or water detector.

5 Top Benefits of Installing the TWC Home Security System

  • TWC allows you to select what you want to cover specific parts of your house.
  • It offers basic and advanced home automation services that are ideal for different homes.
  • Its highly rated house monitoring center offers courteous and reliable tracking to clients.
  • The system uses a smart tool control through which you can monitor your property via your phone.
  • In case you currently use its communication services, you can buy a bundle package with home security.

Drawbacks of Getting TWC Home Security

Time Warner Cable is a huge company with a primary focus on television and internet, so it makes sense that their security services would be a little bit neglected. They also won’t let you use their security unless you also have their internet service, which doesn’t really make any sense. Also expect to pay very high upfront costs if you go through their security. On top of that, their basic monitoring package is $40 a month, which is about the same price as most security companies premium monthly cost. If you do already have Time Warner as your internet provider and want to upgrade through their home security and don’t mind paying the up front costs or the higher monitoring fee, then at least they have nice equipment. They also run some bundle deals with their home security from time to time, just make sure that they wont move your rate way up a year down the road. Protect America guarantees a locked in rate for the entire duration of your service, no matter what.


Importance of Monitored Home Security over Non-monitored Security Technology

  • It is relatively inexpensive as you don’t pay the monthly monitoring fees after installing the system.
  • Easy to relocate to a new house or room as you can install and uninstall it personally without outsourcing a technician.
  • The cell phone notifications alert you once a burglar or an intruder activates the system, therefore, allowing you decide whether or not to contact the police.
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras record explicit videos that can help you get the burglars’ identity.
  • One doesn’t have to contact authorities continually or to monitor the system when your alarm turns on thereby avoiding inconveniences when you are away.
  • If you correctly install your home security system, it eliminates blind spots as it covers your whole house.
  • As soon as thieves break into your home, the alarm can scare them hence preventing them from stealing your valuable items or damaging your house.

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