No matter one’s belief about privacy issues, America has become a surveillance society.  It didn’t happen overnight. Increases in crimes and advancements in technology contributed to this societal condition.  In the early days, security video and surveillance cameras produced grainy, almost unrecognizable images that were all but useless in identifying criminals.


However, today’s cameras offer commercial-grade, high-definition (HD) clarity that enhances the effectiveness of home security systems. Consumers have plenty of options when it comes to camera-based home security, and here are a few of the best ones for 2018.

Netgear ARLO Q

The Arlo Q security camera by Netgear offers crystal clear picture quality and easy setup.  This security camera can run continuously because it’s a wired camera that doesn’t depend on batteries.  It connects to a home’s wireless internet and can be operated via a user’s iPhone or Android smartphone. This security camera contains the following:

  • Motion detection sensors
  • Microphone
  • Speaker

Users can talk to persons on camera through the Arlo application on their smartphones.  The Arlo’s design is compact, sleek and flexible. It has a magnetic base that allows it to stick to metal fixtures, and it comes with mounting hardware so that one can use it virtually anywhere.

Nest Cam

The Nest Cam indoor security camera is a versatile video monitoring product that can be used nearly anywhere in a home.  The camera comes with a smartphone application that allows for easy setup and intuitive control. It has superior picture quality, and users can zoom in on areas of their home through an iPhone or Android phone. Like Protect America’s cameras, the Nest Cam integrates with other home automation and smart home security products to help keep homeowners connected, comfortable and safe.  A SafeWise security analysts stated,

“Smart cameras take the traditional security camera concept and turn the dial up to eleven.”

The Nest Cam qualifies as a smart camera. With it, users can live stream video footage of their homes’ interiors and store footage in the cloud for later retrieval. The camera’s software also makes it easy for users to share video clips their social channels.

EZVIZ Mini O 1080P

The EZVIZ Mini O is an affordable home security camera option that offers a 135-degree viewing angle, which is five degrees wider than standard indoor cameras.  This camera is less compact than its higher end peers, but it’s a good-value choice for basic video monitoring. While this camera does have night-vision technology, the picture quality isn’t as crisp as the more expensive home security cameras.

The EZVIZ Mini O is set up and controlled via a mobile application that runs on iOS and Android operating systems. Its software integrates with smart virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.  Although users can archive video footage in the cloud, EZVIZ Mini O also supports Micro SD local storage.


Protect America’s Wireless Home Security Camera

Protect America’s home security cameras come with many of the same features of its competitors.  Its cameras offer clear, HD pictures during the day and night. Users can view live stream video from their smartphones and store footage in the cloud.  However, Protect America’s security cameras are connected to a comprehensive home defense system that is professionally monitored. With Protect America, homeowners don’t have to simply watch their homes being vandalized on live stream.  They can rest assured that police officers are on their way to catch any criminals who are stupid enough to take their time robbing their home.

The Arlo Q, Nest Cam and EZVIZ Mini O cameras retail for $148.99, $199.00 and $59.99 respectively.  For a two-camera home security system, homeowners could easily spend hundreds of dollars for a high-quality setup.  Protect America’s monitored security packages come with $1,400 worth of free security equipment. Call them today for a free home security consultation.