Tyco Integrated Security has been in business for over 140 years through ADT and provides security solutions for large and small businesses. Tyco uses equipment from several companies including American Dynamics for their video systems who provide everything from fixed cameras to video intelligence solutions. Since they are such a large company, Tyco Integrated Security can offer comprehensive security packages to businesses that have multiple outlets, even when they are nationwide. However, Tyco has had many complaints about their poor response times and service dynamics. For reliable security solutions, consider choosing a home security company that you can trust. After all, you’re placing your most valuable items in their care.



Tyco Integrated Security used to go by another name. They were previously called ADT Commercial, a branch of ADT that dealt with businesses and securing companies both large and small. They rebranded because of many reasons including the overwhelming amount of complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB does not grade or accredit this company, and their reputation on the BBB remains fairly poor. The site gives a list of reasons for this, which includes a sluggish response record to complaints and insufficient information on their size and background.

Service and Availability

It can be difficult to get certain call out services on the weekend and when you do, it will cost a lot more. As an alternative, a Tyco staff member can talk you through shutting down your security system over the phone until a regular call out is available, but this leaves you vulnerable and potentially uninsured.

Mobile Access

Tyco Integrated Security has a feature called Managed Access Control, where you can control up to 1,000 doors in a building. This feature is said to be ideal for businesses of all sizes. Managed Access Control gives you options for maintaining employees’ and visitors’ access capabilities. The system offers remote access but it is limited. You can only receive weekly or monthly reports via email on limited topics such as alarm activity. The major downside to this system is it does not have an app for smartphones. Tyco does offer mobile capabilities, but these features only allow you to manage and monitor your facility while away from the office. The mobile access will not generate and review reports for you.

Protect America offers security solutions for businesses as well, only with more access and reliability. The business package from Protect America comes with a number of devices including a state-of-the-art interactive home video camera. Accessible from almost any computer or smartphone with Internet access, our interactive video security cameras help prevent against employee theft and vandalism. With video security, watching your business is just a click away.


Consumer Reviews

A recent customer rated Tyco as a 0/5 in terms of performance and reliability.

The tech did not show up as scheduled and we were not contacted. When I called to find out why, I was told he was held up on other calls and would be out in 5 business days. The tech came out, and supposedly fixed the issue. The next day, we had the same alarm issue.

Another customer and business owner that used Tyco had a similar experience:

As a hotel, the ability for our guests to find comfort and quiet at our property is extremely important. However, when you have a negligent security company that does not do their job, bringing about this comfort and quiet atmosphere can be quite difficult.

The Bottom Line

 Tyco has a long track record of upsetting their clients. Instead, consider a national security company with ample experience and time pleasing their customers. Protect America offers security solutions to both homes and businesses. Protect America also proudly offers your business the lowest price guaranteed. Upon ordering, installation is free and your business comes with a lifetime warranty on all products. Call Protect America today!