Unless somebody has already stolen your television, computer, cell phone and other smart devices, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of ads for home security systems lately. There’s good reason, too. As Protect America points out:


Homes with a security system are 33 percent less likely to be broken into.

Still, it’s easy to get confused and wonder “Just how do these things work, anyway?” To answer that question, let’s look at a Uniden Home Security System.

How the Basic Security System Works

The center of Uniden home security systems is the smart home gateway. It is the “Brain” of the system, and it can alert you whenever another device is triggered by sounding a loud siren and/or reporting to your smart phone or tablet. It can even be given logic programming, having specific instructions on how to react to certain alarms (call, siren, start camera recording, etc.). Reporting back to this brain are the various devices in the system.

The basic Uniden gateway can support up to 24 sensors and up to 4 AppCams. Uniden offers several security systems or kits. The kit will include a variety of devices,  such as door and window sensors, infrared motion sensors, AppCam cameras, key fobs and remote control switches. The sensors and cameras help detect and record intruders while the switches allow the system to turn lights on and off. This can both discourage crime and be a response to a triggered sensor. An intrusion scenario might go something like this:

  1. Sensor on window detects a break in.
  2. Gateway calls your cell phone and turns on lights in area of sensor, as well as telling the nearest camera to start recording.
  3. Intruder comes inside, triggering the infrared motion detector.
  4. Gateway sounds siren and calls police or external monitoring company.

Professional Alarm Monitoring and Installation

A Uniden home security system is designed to be a Do it yourself system, but it doesn’t have to be used that way. As pointed out by Economical.com, a professionally installed and monitored system tends to have fewer blind spots than a DIY system. The reason is in the description–“Professionally installed and monitored.” You may be very good at what you do for a living, but unless you’re a security professional, you are not going to be as good at placing sensors for an alarm system as the professional installer is.

When it comes to monitoring, it makes sense to have somebody watching your alarm at all times, and the reality is that you can’t do it yourself 24/7. Professional monitoring can save you from costly and potentially dangerous “False alarm calls” by allowing a real human to evaluate the alarm data and even check with you before calling the police. There are also often insurance benefits to having a professionally monitored alarms on your home.


Choosing an Alarm Monitoring Company

Of course, having professional monitoring isn’t nearly as helpful if you don’t choose the right company. One of the best professional home security monitoring companies available is Protect America. They offer 24/7 security monitoring with locked-on prices and a price match guarantee. Best of all, they do not charge installation fees! They can install your system for you or coach you through your DIY installation.

This is the 14th largest residential home security company in the United States, a company which has been around for over 25 years and has been a Consumer’s Digest award winner nine times. This is a company that takes security seriously and can give you serious peace of mind, so if you are thinking about securing your home, contact Protect Amaerica for a free quote today!