Uxari home automation is a branch of the umbrella home automation company Vitex, which provides a myriad of home services. They really do try to keep a foot in every door: Home Networking, Home Audio, Home Theatre, Home Management, Video Monitoring, Smart Lighting, Motorized Shades, Smart Locks, Smart Communication, Energy Management, Central Vacuum, Control 4, Sonos, Lutron Window Shades.

The idea is that, by offering so many services, their clients can pick and choose exactly the custom set of home automation that they want for their new home. Their basic packages start at about $50 per month with a $99 down one time fee. As a regional provider, they only serve the following areas: Naples, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Sarasota, Pompano Beach, Bradenton.

While the flexibility of their products impresses us, there are many concerns that we have about using Uxari and Vitex as home automation solutions for your home.


So What Does Uxari Do?

This home automation branch focuses on home security, smart thermostats, security cameras, automated lighting, locks, and digital interfaces. Like the rest of Vitex’s offerings, they feature all of their offerings as modular so that you can choose only what you want separately. Yet, they will still use the same interface in a single smartphone mobile application.

Modularity is important because every house, home, and household lifestyle is different. However, with Vitex, it really feels like they are spread too thin. Although they present the illusion of providing many choices, the reality is that because the range of their services is so wide, they often can’t offer specific choices or guaranteed quality in each individual service that they offer. They have too many things to juggle that it’s impossible for them to do all of it well.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to install a wide variety of products in your home

Customer Experience

One of the most concerning things that come up when investigating Uxari and Vitex is that their customer service and long-term support seems to be quite lacking.

A quick browse of their online reviews reveals these serious pitfalls:

Didn’t mind them at first had the house built with there security system installed worked fine in beginning. Had some small issues over time and had them come out multiple times. When their products finally failed they made up ecxuses to not have them fixed. I would avoid spending money on their products and buy something that has better quality.

Ryan H.


Vitex offers many services including home security system, home automation / networking, and window blinds. I have had all three from them and have been satisfied only with the window blinds; their other services have been poor.


After initial installation, one of the new ceiling mounted home theater speakers did not work. Their home security system is so antiquated that arming the system upon departure requires SEVEN keystrokes! I have had false alarms from the home security system for the past 7 months and it is not yetrepaired. They say someone will call back but no one ever does. Now they want to charge me for repair work because they say the security system is no longer under warranty.

Arthur S.


Accounting is not reliable for making one aware of monthly charges and compilation of cost of all systems bought. Poor communication.

Defective parts not replaced for 3 weeks until I called and complained. 2 business friends cancelled the security

system in the last 2 months.

Bob K.

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