The US home security market generates more than $4.6 billion dollars a year, with an average of 9 million property crimes being reported annually throughout the country.

Installing a home security system is a long-term investment that requires a security monitoring service provider you can trust and rely on at all times. Vector Home Security has been in business for more than 40 years and serves both residential and commercial customers. When you are shopping around for the best home security companies near you, comparing features, benefits, and potential drawbacks is a way to determine which home security provider is truly right for you.

Vector Home Security Features

Vector home security offers a myriad of equipment options ranging from standard to state of the art technology. Some of the home security equipment and features available with Vector Home Security include:

  • CloudControl Video Recording: Record video and audio media from any location where your security cameras are installed with the use of CloudControl video recording. CloudControl provides instant access to video camera feeds while allowing you to save, store, and organize all recorded media using your computer or smartphone.
  • Home Automation: Home automation is one of the most popular features available from home security companies today. Control thermostats, lighting, appliances, and your entire alarm system with the use of your computer or smartphone from any location with home automation implemented into your home security system. Home automation is ideal for anyone who is interested in a robust and state-of-the-art security system with advanced technology and the ability to access and monitor your system at any time and any place.

No Upfront Costs

One of the benefits of Vector Home Security is the ability to obtain home security without additional upfront costs. Many home security companies require new customers to pay additional fees and upfront costs for equipment rentals, purchases, and other services, which is not required of Vector customers.

False Alarm Protection

A common complaint among home security alarm owners is the fees and charges associated with false alarms that have been triggered and set off by accident. When a homeowner sets off their alarm system or it is triggered by accident and authorities are alerted, they are often held financially responsible for any fees associated with the emergency responders who were requested. With Vector home security, customers are provided a False Alarm Protection plan to reduce expenses if a false alarm report is made.


Vector Home Security promotes honest reviews of their company and the services they provide. Their official website promotes a trusted review website,, to share positive, negative, and neutral reviews to visitors and prospective customers. By sharing completely honest and authentic reviews, Vector Home Security has been able to garner the trust of millions of throughout 32 states nationwide.

Drawbacks of Vector Home Security

While Vector home security does receive mostly positive reviews and testimonials from both past and current customers, there are a few drawbacks associated with the company and their home security services. Some of the top drawbacks and downfalls of using Vector home security include:

  • Cancellation Fees and Balance Repayment: If a customer chooses to cancel their service with Vector Home Security while their original contract is still in effect, the customer then becomes responsible for paying 100% of the remaining balance owed on the account. Even if you have two years left on your contract and wish to cancel your security and monitoring services, Vector Home Security requires you to pay your debt in its entirety.
  • Poor Customer Service: There are rampant reports from customers online regarding the poor customer service they receive when reaching out to Vector Home Security for assistance with billing, technical problems, and additional customer support.


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